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Is Poland going to have a complete pro-life policy?

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Poland, Warsaw – After the introduction of important family benefits on April 1, Poland appears to be more involved in the way of a “pro-life” policy. While the Catholic Church supports the total ban on abortion, the Prime Minister Beata Szydło has supported the idea.

Poland introduced Friday, April 1, family allowances amounting to 500 zlotys (€ 120.5) per child from the second child without income requirement. The allowance is also paid for families with only one child but an income below 800 zlotys (193 €) or 1,200 zlotys (€ 289) in case of disabled children. The minimum wage in Poland in 2015 was € 420 gross, and the average salary € 950 gross.

This policy is openly assumed as natalist. Poland has the 9th lowest fertility rate in the world, with 1.33 children per woman. But the government is prepared to go even further. While abortion is more framed in Poland – abortion is permitted until the 25th week after rape, danger to the mother or embryo malformation – than in most European countries, the Catholic Church launched on Sunday the 3rd of April a campaign against abortion, based on the divine commandment “you shall not kill.”

And the Prime Minister Beata Szydło commented it on Thursday 31 March at the Polish public radio: “Each parliamentary vote with his conscience. For now, I will not talk about the bill because the proposal does not yet exist. But personally, yes, I am in favor. ”

According to The Guardian, Monika Płatek, law professor at the University of Warsaw and important member of the feminist organization Women’s Congress, said that the views of the Prime Minister illustrate the influence of the Church on ruling party PiS. “The bishops do not care if a woman dies. Szydło is a puppet. The abortion ban was a condition of the Church for its support for PiS. This action is characteristic of an arbitrary state that uses support for moral ideas to take total control” she said, adding that “we saw it under Hitler and Ceaușescu and now we are seeing it under PiS.”