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China interested in Hungarian technology

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Hungary, Győr – China faces important environmental problems: she produces an immense quantity of waste, which is not totally recyclable. But they could improve this situation thanks to Hungarian technology.

In April, Chinese experts went to Hungary, to visit the company Reind Ltd. which developed a technology able to transform plastic into energy. The company Tian Yun, that came to Hungary, is very interested, according to Li He, deputy executive for environmental protection, because millions of tons of waste are produced every year in the world, and it is a common interest to worry about it.

A partnership is in negotiation between both companies, and is supported by the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC). The HTCC is eager to assist the Hungarian company by providing the necessary information about the Chinese market and local negotiating techniques.

It’s not the first time that the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center helped forming Hungarian-Chinese relations: Chinese businessmen are also interested in Hungarian innovations in glass-making techniques and in the construction industry as well.