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Polish journalist and politician arrested for spying suspicion

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Poland, Warsaw – On Wednesday morning, May 18, Mateusz Piskorski, pro-Russian leader of Zmiana (Change) party, has been arrested by Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW). He is suspected of spying for Russia.

Zmiana pro-Russian Polish party issued a statement on Facebook saying that “the ABW demanded to hand over hard drives, data storage devices and documents, among others”. They also spoke about “a form of political repression”.  According to, the raid may be linked to suspicious relations between party leader Piskorski and Moscow.

Pcblog notes that Piskorski has ties with Eurasianist thinker Alexander Dugin which has been almost denied entering the EU while willing to visit the Mount Athos in Greece few days ago. Piskorski is known for his interventions in pro-Russian media such as Russia Today or Sputnik. Some of the Hungarian media such the liberal portal wrote that he has a strong relation with Béla Kovács, a current MEP of the Hungarian populist party Jobbik, and which is under investigation for his links to Moscow.