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Border control between Austria and Hungary

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Austria – The border between Hungary and Austria is no longer without control. The Austrian authorities re-imposed on April 25 controls at the border with Hungary. The construction of a fence is currently discussed.

According to the Austrian authorities, the upcoming opening of a migrant center at Körmend, near to the Austrian border, and the insufficient control of the Serbian-Hungarian border is the reason for which they reintroduced border control. Since the closing of the Western Balkan Route of migration, smugglers got much more active on the Austrian border. Vans are systematically controlled and at some check points the waiting time is up to 40 minutes.

Austrian soldiers are patrolling the border. Austria is also planning to build up a fence in Tyrol and Burgenland. According to, Austria thinks that the migrants might in the future come through Italy. Border controls are planned to be reintroduced at the Italian border at the end of May.