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Massive pilgrimage of Hungarians and Szeklers to Csíksomlyó

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Romania, Şumuleu Ciuc – Csíksomlyó in Hungarian, is an important place of annula pilgrimage for Hungarians and Szeklers (Hungarian-speaking people of Transylvania, assimilated to the Hungarians). Each year thousands of people go there to celebrate Pentecost.

Wednesday, May 11, the Csíksomlyó Expressz departed from Szombathely in western Hungary, to take its pilgrims to Csíksomlyó in Romania, in the heart of the Szekler country, in Transylvania. At Budapest, the train gathered many additional cars and got a locomotive picturing St. Martin. The 500m long train carries 1,200 pilgrims to the former border of Hungary, in Transylvania, in the Szekler country.

Catholics are celebrating Mary – Patroness of Hungary-, and Pentecost. Every year since 1567, the Hungarian Catholics go to the glade of Csíksomlyó for the occasion, and are between 250,000 and 300,000.


The Csíksomlyó Expressz train on the departure