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Romania will have her first smart city by 2018

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Romania, Alba Iulia – Communications Minister of Romania Marius Bostan has chosen Alba Iulia to be the first Romania city where the 5G technology will be available.


“Let’s built the first smart city in Romania by 2018, and let this city be Alba Iulia” said Marius Bostan. This city is “one of the first cities to have a long-term development strategy, launched in 2002-2003, and respect it. It also has the highest absorption rate of EU funds, and started having a smart transport system,” this is why Romanian Communications Minister chose Alba Iulia.

And there is also a symbolical reason to explain why this city was chosen for the project: Alba Iulia was the birthplace of modern Romania, where representatives of the Romanian population of Transylvania gathered to proclaim the union between Transylvania and the Kingdom of Romania, after World War I, on December 1, 1918.

Other Romanian cities want to launch similar smart city projects, for example Oradea and Piatra Neamt. Also, in late-April, a smart city project was launched in the Tineretului Park, in Bucharest, that includes free Wi-Fi, smart parking with electric cars, and smart street lighting that brightens when movement is detected.

The project in Alba Iulia should be launched in September.