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Hungary reinforces her border fence

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Hungary – On Monday, Hungary has begun reinforcing her wire fence on the border with Serbia as migrant arrivals increased after the evacuation of Idomeni camp on the Greece-Macedonia frontier last week.

During the evacuation, Greek authorities moved 8,400 migrants to other camps in Greece. But according to Hungarian authorities, some migrants made their way to Hungary. “Following last week’s closure of the Idomeni refugee camp, the number of migrants trying to cross Hungary’s barrier has increased,” said György Bakondi, chief advisor of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The number of migrants trying to cross Hungary’s border has increased from 70 to 90 people, to between 100 and 150.

To prevent irregular migrants from entering, the Hungarian government will put “permanent barriers” in places where the barbed wire is considered “no longer sufficient” to keep migrants out, Bakondi said.