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Hungary jails 10 illegal migrants for few years

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Hungary – A Hungarian court has sentenced 10 illegal migrants to between one and three years in jail for illegally crossing the border during a riot in September 2015 at Röszke, after Hungary built up a fence on the border with Serbia, in order to avoid the migrant influx of the Balkanic Route to enter the country.

According to About Hungary, it was the first case to come to trial under a law passed days before the incident that made illegal border crossing as part of a rioting crowd a punishable crime carrying a possible prison term between one and five years. The illegal immigrants will be expelled after serving their terms. A ban of several years for re-entering Hungary will also apply to each of them.

The 10 sentenced migrants are mostly Syrians, according to their passports. They were part of an angry rioting mob at the Röszke border crossing point in September, when Hungary closed her border due to a tremendous amount of migrants not willing to comply with the European laws regarding asylum and legal immigration.