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Hungarian police helps Bulgaria to handle the massive illegal migrants’ influx

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Bulgaria – Hungarian police officers have been sent to Bulgaria in order to help local authorities in their struggle with the massive influx of illegal migrants. The Hungarian police officers will be working with their Bulgarian colleagues at the Bulgarian-Serbian border.

On Friday, June 3, as Hungarian police task force came back from Greece, a new team of ten police officers left Budapest for Bulgaria. This small team will work together with the Bulgarian police, increasing the cooperation between the two countries, and aiming to share experiences in order to better handle the migration crisis in both Hungary and Bulgaria.

Despite the agreement with Turkey and the risk for the migrants, no European common solution has been found nor implemented yet. The V4 countries decided by their own to help Balkan countries and Greece by sending them policemen, vehicles and material to build fences. So far, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria received help from the V4 countries, which resulted with a diminution of the influx and a better management of the migrants.

Police cooperation between Austria, V4 and Balkan countries led also to the apprehension of many smugglers and criminals responsible for the illegals’ crossings of the borders in South-Eastern and Central Europe.