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Radical nationalist Budaházy convinced to 13 years in jail

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Hungary, Budapest – On the 30th of August, 2016, the Curia of Hungary adjudicated 13 years in penitentiary for György Budaházy.

The nationalist activist has been accused of the founding and leading the Magyarok Nyilai (Hungarian’s Arrows) terror organization which has been found responsible for attacks on politicians of the government party in 2007-2009 and charging the socialist and liberal party’s headquarter offices with Molotov-cocktails. Representative of the socialist party of Hungary Sándor Csintalan is said to have been beaten by this group also and they damaged a ticket office and a gay nightclub too.

In spite of this all, Budaházy became well-known in Hungary when he spontaneously closed the Elizabeth Bridge with his group without any permission. They did it in 2002 because they did not agree with the results of the election in 2002, recalls Hungary Today. He also took part to the 2006 events, when Hungarian demonstrators started a riot in Budapest and eventually attacked the siege of the national TV.

Budaházy was caught in 2009 and he spent two years and three months in preliminary punishment. Now, he is facing with 13 years in the jail. Seventeen people were found guilty, among which fifteen were convinced with terrorism charges. All in all, 125 years of jail have been sentenced. The lowest sentence is for a woman who made pullovers for the others, and who got 5 years in jail.

The condemnation shocked many people in the country, even among non-right wing radicals. Journalists and politicians stressed their astonishment and anger toward this heavy sentence.

“Joyful is the country which has such terrorists”, concluded Budaházy’s lawyer at the end of his speech.

The public prosecutor’s office brought an appeal. It has required 20 years in first instance.
Budaházy is currently under house arrest.