Labour Minister wants to bring non-European union citizens to compensate for the shortage of workers employed

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Hungary – The Hungarian government is working on solving the labor shortage, which is becoming a growing problem in some sectors and occupations in the country, wanting to “import” skilled guest workers in Hungary from countries outside EU, all this by not taking away their jobs from Hungarian citizens, said Minister of economy.

Mihály Varga said the cabinet would take “strong action” to prevent the growing problem of labor shortage in Hungary, which is an obstacle to economic growth. A quarter of respondents in a short-term labor market prognosis said that they are facing labor shortages in certain positions.

Reacting to a proposal recently presented by the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists (MGYOSZ), who suggested the inclusion of “guest workers, skilled and culturally integrated” to solve the problem, the minister said that the firm agrees on several points concerning the proposal, including securing the possibility to employ skilled workers from outside the EU if necessary. Nobody has to fear losing his job because the regime will only apply to professions that lack skilled Hungarian employees, said Mr. Varga.

The government will also introduce tax breaks next year to support companies in the provision of housing for guest workers to arrive, the minister said.The most affected by labor shortage areas in Hungary include the hotel industry, tourism, the construction sector and IT.

This appears to be a first contradiction with the Orbán’s statements who launched a natalist policy to address the demographic problem in taking the rejection of immigration. Part of the populist opposition denounces a roundabout way to bring extra-European immigration. Considering the Orbán’s statement on immigration but also on the Brexit, would it rather a project designed to European non EU-members workers? The future will tell.


  1. Maybe this fool should leave education up to the market then there would not be a 4-8 year delay in education conforming to the needs of the market.

  2. Is Varga a halfwit? Can he read, or even watch a video? Perhaps he hasn’t had time to take on board the benefits of bringing aliens into Europe; ask Nice, Paris, Brussels, London, Madrid, Rotherham, Cologne, Malmo and on it goes. What does this idiot want to do, add Budapest to the list?

    Could somebody take this dangerous fool for a walk down a dark alley and explain to him that the government’s there to protect its people, not destroy the country. If some business is having problems tell them to mechanise or adopt more technology – if they insist on bringing in aliens arrest them and charge them with genocide against the continuance of the Hungarian people. And Varga, grow a backbone.

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