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The striking placards of the Hungarian government for the referendum on migrant quotas

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Hungary – The referendum on the compulsory migrant quotas will take place this year on October 2. For the purpose of this vote, the government will soon put up 6 different placards across the country. Here they are:

plakat 1Did you know?
Since the beginning of the migrant crisis more than 300 people died in terrorist attacks in Europe.

plakat 2 Did you know?
Last year one and a half million illegal immigrants arrived in Europe.

plakat 3Did you know?
Brussels wants to settle the equivalent of a town of illegal immigrants in Hungary.

plakat 4Did you know?
Since the beginning of the migrant crisis the harassment against women is dramatically increasing in Europe.

plakat 5Did you know?
The attack of Paris has been done by immigrants.

plakat 6Did you know?
Only in Libya almost a million immigrants are waiting to come to Europe.


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