Hungary and Czechia want a “European army”

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Central Europe – Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán and Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka are united concerning the idea of a European army. This joint army would be a protection for Europe after Brexit and so the weakened armed forces in Europe, and a protection from immigration and terrorism. Orbán said that he believes one of the reasons that migrants and people traffickers are continually trying to enter Europe is that they can see that the continent is weak. Hungarian PM and Czech PM proposed the idea of the EU army during the meeting between Merkel and the V4 leaders on Friday 26 of August.

“The withdrawal of the British from the EU has led to a significant reduction in the continent’s military strength, and from a military policy perspective we must not remain in this defenceless position”, Orbán said. He is supported by Sobotka who said that the EU “should also begin a discussion about creating a common European army”. The Polish Beata Szydło proposed a European border patrol.

Orbán also said last month that national budgets must be reconsidered and the arms industry must be included in economic policy thinking, but he added that it would take years for this to be achieved, and “let us hope to God that in the meantime we have no need of a European army which can function without the British and the Russians”. For the V4 leaders that are against Merkel’s migrant policy, “security should be a priority.”


  1. A European army without the Russian Federation will never work !!!
    Russia must be important part of the European army.
    And the EU and NATO must be destroyed before. If not, Europe will die.

  2. @ Diederich
    Good points to discuss. Explain please why allegedly a Euro army without the Russians wouldn’t work, why the EU and NATO “must be destroyed”, and why would Europe have to die.

  3. @ Diederich
    Why do you think a Euro army won’t work without the Russians, “the EU and NATO must be destroyed”, and Europe would have to die?

  4. @Newsie, it makes no sense to build another army within Europe. For what? Fighting against Russia? Let me laugh…
    Europe could be growing and prospering when working together with the richest country in the world Russia. Natural recourses without end…but not stealing them like USA! To be friend with Russian = European people and culture! Not “friend” with USA like Germany since 70 years now. FRIENDS???
    Friends??? Go away from me!
    NATO had to be dissolved 25 years ago like Warschauer Pakt. All what happened since this time was shit and decit to Russia. NATO is a bloody sword in hands of imperial USA. Nothing else, nothing good for Europe. You remember Yugoslavia?

    And Europe will be destroyed by USA, NATO and EU. You just see it by your own eyes in the last weeks and month. Or you are blind? Sorry for asking you this.

  5. Yes, Russia is the reachest country with the poorest people… That is why we need NATO. We do not want to be poor with bilioners in goverment 😉

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