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Italy: Master Draghi following the course of Matteo Renzi…not Matteo Salvini.

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– Draghi slams European nation states that are refusing to take in more Afghans.

Unlike Italy or the UK, these leaders from Hungary and elsewhere have chosen to defend their people and culture. It would be one thing if Draghi wanted to keep the illegals Italy chooses to grant entry to, but he also wants to force his agenda on others (like Hungary, which chooses not to grant entry) by relocating the aggressive males from alien cultures across the EU.

– Mario Draghi claimed the ‘management’ of the crisis in Afghanistan demonstrated the EU’s poverty on migration. “Europe, united by many principles, is unable to tackle the problem and this is a thorn in the very existence of the bloc.” he said, while meeting with Macron.

Draghi can repeat old EU slogans daily, but he must realize that there was never any European solidarity regarding mass migration and multiculturalism…nor will there ever be.

Both Draghi and Macron, who often view themselves as replacing Merkel as leader of the bloc, repeated old slogans about ‘managing the crisis’ and criticizing member states that were refusing to take in more Afghans.

“The European Union […] is still unable to manage such crises […] some countries already said they don’t want any Afghans. How can you do that?” Draghi said.

Very easily, based on prior experience. There is a reason why Austria and Greece do not want any more Afghans.

Draghi also explained that the government (which received big funds from EU recently) has decided to divert €120 million from support for the Afghan military to modulating the reception system for those fleeing from Afghanistan.

As for the Afghan Rush, one needs to think about the long term repercussions before opening that door.  The Afghans can be assisted and sheltered in neighboring regions that share their culture; relocation to Europe is designed for another agenda. A huge majority of Afghans (99% in Pew Research poll) believe in Sharia law and adhere to a different culture not compatible with Europe. Once entry is granted, there is no going back (no deportations) and the numbers will multiply.

The Surrendered external borders was a huge mistake in 2015.  Moreover, the unwillingness to deport in any meaningful way over the last six years has exacerbated the crisis. There are no doubt some legitimate refugees that need help. However, the EU, by granting entry to all and making a mockery of migration, has blurred the lines between an illegal migrant (the overwhelming majority) and a refugee in need.  Nor is the attitude of those new arrivals from other cultures into Europe giving confidence to take-in more.

Like most of the EU establishment, Draghi is committed to multiculturalism and mass migration. Giorgia Meloni, the sole patriotic opposition in Italy, made the right choice by refusing to be manipulated by the groupthink of Brussels.

Hopefully, Italians remember this during the next elections.