The unstoppable ascension of the V4

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Hungary, Budapest – The Foreign Affairs Ministers of the V4 (Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia) met in Budapest on August 29. According to the Hungarian host, Péter Szijjártó, the V4 is strong enough to tell out loud the truth not caring about political correctness.

The V4 is “in the best shape at the best time”, said the Hungarian Minister, pointing out EU’s big challenges. He added that in that time of turbulence, the V4’s common voice sounds louder and the V4 reached the point to be a European key player in the talks about Europe’s future.

The Foreign Ministers pledge for unity

According to Mr. Szijjártó, one of the secrets the V4’s success is the common respect between members and the fact that none of the member state has opposite interests with the other three members. He stressed that “this is a historical peace” in Central Europe, and that never Central European countries have been that much interested in each other successes.

The Polish Foreign Affairs Minister, Witold Waszczykowski, told Poland considers important to increase the number of common training between V4 members’ military. The Visegrád group has a role in the European and regional security, he said. The Polish Minister also talked about the Brexit, underlining that talking about the future of the EU should not be a taboo. Mr. Waszczykowski told to his counterparts that Poland wants the European Union to be more receptive to national parliaments’ voices.

Lubomír Zaorálek, Foreign Minister of Czechia expressed in his speech that the Brexit is the first sign of a need for radical changes in the institutions of the European project. He then said the V4 proved itself to be efficient as a tool in order to serve the common interests of the members states and in particular to handle the migrant crisis.

Miroslav Lajcák, Foreign Minister of Slovakia spoke about the weight of the V4 and its recent consolidation. Then, the Slovak Minister explained that Europe should be united and listening to its people. He stressed that Europe should strengthen its global position, before adding that in spite of the Brexit, Europe has to keep strong ties with the United Kingdom. He continued by wishing no new fault line would appear in Europe. In conclusion, he told that the EU has two option in front of itself: it reacts for the interests of the people, or it sinks definitely in a crisis.

MTI EPA AP pool Jens Meyer
MTI/EPA/AP pool; Jens Meyer

The V4 is becoming a major key player in Europe

One year after its “renaissance”, the V4 is more and more taken seriously even by big regional powers such as France and Germany. The so called “Weimar Triangle”, reuniting France, Germany and Poland since 1991 in the form of summit meetings, could presumably become a new “Triangle”, bringing together France, Germany, and the V4, changing seriously the role of Central Europe and giving a real weight to the Visegrád group, by indirectly recognizing it as a major key player of Europe, alongside with Germany and France.

On Sunday, August 28, during the meeting of the Weimar Triangle, France’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault agreed with the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Waszczykowski, stating that they “should understand the euro-skeptical positions”.

In a Europe full of doubts and stuck in a crisis of its own, with political elites seemingly unable to solve the situation, the V4 – quickly becoming a major key player on a European scale by the awareness of its leaders – is getting more and more strength and weight and intends firmly to protect its interests and the European values.


  1. I am exultant about this unity of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. I’m so happy it’s happening in my lifetime. They could’ve united ages ago, in the 1400s, and if they had, the history of Europe wouldn’t perhaps have been so painful to them. And to others as well. I only think they’re wrong about so-called Brexit. Wrong in backing this purely British (but inspired by Somebody Else, guess who), destructive and divisive to Europe brawl. The British – who seem to be historically Europhobic (maybe except the Scottish) – once again have proved to be the dividers of Europe? The V4 countries shouldn’t allow to be manipulated by them. Instead, they should focus on the interests of the European Mainland. Including forming strong ties and supporting a good change in Germany – by far the most important country for the V4 states and the continent as a whole. Without a strong pro-European Germany there’s no free Europe, including the V4.

  2. Newsie, I think the British are no deviders of Europe. They only don’t want to be part of desastrous EU any more. And all free European countries should do like them and make a new Europe within the biggest country Russia. There is no need to make a asian country like Turkey to a member and not the biggest part of Europe!!! And EU and NATO must be destroyed.
    I think both of us will see this happen in our lifetime.
    But first we must fight for European culture and people against islam. This is the cancer of Europe and must die with Merkel and Obama.

  3. Diederich, I think facts, including those from the past, seem to show the British ARE the dividers of Europe. Just think of WWI, WWII, the Yalta and the Cold War. Also “Brexit” is a British anti-European divisive undertaking. Why? Britain is the head of the “British Commonwealth” consisting of 53 countries, mostly Third World, including 18 from Africa alone. There has been, and is still going on, huge immigration into Britain from those countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cemerooon, Jamaica, Signapore, and the like. And yet the British blame the EU for the immigration, not themselves nor their membership in the “Commonwealth”! They use the Polish workers as scapegoats to vent out their hate and aggression on. (It’s the media propagandists in England, including the BBC, that set the English against the Poles. In the past, the 80s, they used to set the English public against German workers in England.) So the British leave the EUROPEAN Union to stop an alleged huge immigration into Britain, but don’t leave the THIRD WORLD “Commonwealth” to stop the real enormous immigration only keep on taking in huge crowds from there. This seems utterly anti-European to me. And divisive to Europe in that Britain becomes non-European and members of the Third World crowd creep from Britain out into the Continent. Having said that, the pro-Brexit voters weren’t that more numerous that anti-Brexit voters. The anti-Brexit voters, I hear, were mostly young British. This gives hope that a part of the British are pro-European. Nonetheless, overall, Britain IS anti-European and traditionally competitive and divisive towards the European Mainland. The British seem to be especially suspicious and scared of the German power over the rest of Europe. As I recall, an EU official from Luxembourg (?), I forgot her name, even questioned whether the British were European at all. In my own experience, only some of the Scottish are real Europeans there.

  4. Diederich Heßling wants to “make a new Europe within the biggest country Russia.” Key word here being “within”. And what a revealing key word that is…

    When will these Russian neo imperialists learn that Central Europe doesn’t need Russian protection or stewardship? We’ve had enough foreign meddling from imperial powers and the V4 is our opportunity to stand as sovereign nations in our own right.

    Does the EU serve our purposes? No! Does NATO provide us any real security guarantees? Of course not! Does Americanism enrich us? Certainly not! We can do without all of that. But we also don’t need Russian “help” in determining our destiny. We’ve had enough of that in centuries past, and we know it means only the same kind of political domination that we’ve struggled against all this time.

    You Muscovites can stay home please. We can be safe and prosperous on our own without your “friendly” “assistance” thank you. We are a European, not a Eurasian fraternity of people.

  5. @ Edmund St. Denis
    You and me we have the same belief. All what you say: “Does the EU serve our purposes? No! Does NATO provide us any real security guarantees? Of course not! Does Americanism enrich us? Certainly not!” is very right.

    And I made a mistake in my english (not my mother tongue), “within” is the wrong word.
    I mean a friendship and cooperation with Russia. And with Ukraine too.
    I don’t mean Europe as a part within Russia or Asia. This would mean UdSSR2.0.
    But the construction EU witout Russia is paranoid. And this is only made by US imperialism.
    We are European, yes. And we are Christians.

  6. @Newsie

    Thank you for the answer. You explain much things about UK in the last century. And I agree with you in most points. From your side you may be right.
    But my view was the explanation that the EU in the current form was the catalyst of Brexit. And the EU must be changed completely or will die.
    The nations and people of Europe must be strengthened. Not a politbureau like former USSR in Brussels.
    A free Europe with free countries for free people. And direct democracy like in Switzerland.

  7. Diederich, but WHAT EXACTLY do the Brexit-backing British have against the EU, do you know? I mean what negative FACTS about the EU they are so angry about? If you do, enlighten me, because I can’t see any such facts. What I see instead is that they seem to be holding the false belief it’s the EU (not the “British Commonwealth”!) that is the cause of the great number of Asian, African, Arab and other Third World aliens pouring into Britain and already sitting there. And also, at the same time, they seem to be holding the false belief it’s the Polish workers who are the main British “immigration problem.” At times I had the impression some of the British believed the numerous Asians, Africans, Arabs and other thirdworlders were …Poles. By the way, it’s the anti-European and pro-multikulti media hate-mongers in England (mind I don’t call them “English” nor “British”) who seem to be brainwashing part of the British public so. I say just part, as actually not all the British seem to have let this nonsense be talked into themselves. Plus, of course, the British have been tried to be set against the EU (and the Poles) by the pseudo-“anti-immigration” party UKiiP (in reality the party is pro-“multicultural” that is pro-Third World immigration), led by a shameless political charlatan (and Polonophobic racist), and supported generously by a leading Jewish-British pornographer.

  8. @ Newsie
    I think there are many reasons. But the same reasons are in many other countries of EU. Whe you would make a referendum all over Europe then most countries would leave. I’m very sure.
    So the EU makes only silly laws and regulations. Forbidding this and that. Only one example: the Edison bulbs. This was the last trigger for me to hate and ignore EU. i bought some hundred in advance for my chandeliers.

    And the people in front of the EU! I cannot name them politicians!

    The drunkard Junckers!!!
    The traitor and totally idiot Schulz!!!
    The daffy and insignificant Mogherini!!!

    You can hold one of this people in respect??? You can???
    I’m sure, you cannot!
    They all are rubbish and sent from their countries, who got rid of them, to EU!

    And this is the main reason, that a honourable nation like Great Britain is turning away from EU with abhorrence.

    The former EWG was a prosperous organization for the European people and nations.
    But EU is the worst what ever happened to Europe and will be destroyed in future.
    And this is the good news. Not only for Great Britain.

  9. Diederich, so the main reason for your (and “Great” Britain’s) anger with the EU is the EU’s banning the “Edison bulbs”? As for the “honourable nation, “Great” Britain, notice that they’re pulling out of the EU but remain in the British “Commonwealth”. It consists of 53 countries, most of them from the Third World, 18 from Africa alone. The immigration from those countries into Britain is huge, going on without cease. The British seem to care more for their ties with this Third World entity and with the USA than with Europe. They seem as usually to be AGAINST Europe, today particularly against the team Germany+ France as the core of united Europe. Don’t you give the British too much credit? They have a nice image in the world – being a nation of merchants they know how to manipulatively create and sell it, using their pop musicians for the purpose – but are they in reality as nice as their image is? Think of the history of Europe and Britain’s role in it. Isn’t it today exactly as destructively and selfishly anti-European as it’s always been? Facts seem to show “Brexit” isn’t for a greater europeization of Britain but its multiculturalization = thirdworldization , in cahoots with the US. And for weakening, oppressing and destroying the European Mainland (that the British call contemptuously “the continent”, regarding themselves as being separate from it). As for the EU, it has serious shortcomings, some idiotic officials, like Schulz, but isn’t such an all-European body urgently needed by us Europeans to make Europe strong and competitive in today’s dog-eat-dog world?

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