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Islamic State military camps are established in Kosovo

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Kosovo – Several training camps of the Islamic State were “discovered” in Kosovo. Hundreds of men, most of them Albanian people, learn Arabic, study some version of the Koran, and follow a military training under the orders of men from the Caliphate and former soldiers of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UÇK).

These camps, which so far only five have been discovered, are located in Ferizaj Gjakovica, Decani, Prizren and Pejë in Kosovo, that is only 10,887 km2. Kosovo is still under the protectorate of NATO and the European Union, which implies the presence of their military forces. For example, the Daesh training camp in Ferizaj would be a few kilometers from Camp Bondsteel, largest military base that the United States has ever established abroad since the Vietnam War, which officially is occupied by 7000 soldiers and civilians. Or near Gjakovica where are headquarters of the aeronautic detachment Amiko (Aeronautica militare italiana in Kosovo) and where there is another Daesh camp, near the facilities of the KFOR mission for NATO, and one of whose main roles, according to the internet page of the mission is to “contribute to a  safe and secure environment”. Near the camp of Pejë, is the military base “Villaggio Italia”.

This news has been made public by the media after the arrest of four Kosovars who are accused of being members of the Islamic State. This kind of arrestions is common in Kosovo but also in Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia. The Ministry of the Interior in Kosovo revealed recently that 102 men were arrested because they were suspected of participating in terrorist activities, 40 were arrested just before they left for jihad, and 57 men died there.