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Budapest 2024 is the best choice according to Orbán

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Hungary, Budapest – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán supports his city in the competition to host the Olympic Games in 2024, the other candidate cities are Paris, Rome and Los Angeles.

During a visit to Rio de Janeiro, Orbán had specifically stated that the Hungarians find a lot of joy in sport, especially the Olympics, and during the competition this year, they showed their determination to see the flag of their nation climb high and proud above the podium.

According to Viktor Orbán, Budapest is the right choice. New roads are being built, new train lines, parks, cultural and sporting structures. There will be 27 venues dedicated to the Olympics on two areas, located within 6km within the city center. These sites will be accessible to 90% of the population in less than 90 minutes. According to the plans, the entire city will be an Olympic Park, so it will be a festival of sports in the city expanded.

He added that it would give hope to countries with lower budgets for organizing in the future the Olympics. Also, it would be a good time for Budapest to welcome them as it would be just after three decades of liberation of the country from despotism.

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach said that Hungary is a small country in terms of population, but a giant in sports and sports management. He added that the Hungarians had grasped the meaning of the 2020 program concerning the economic organization of the Games. Mr. Bach presented the Rio Olympic torch to Orbán as a gift.

The decision of the IOC will be revealed in September, 2017.