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“The Islamic State stands behind the massive immigration”

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Hungary, Budapest – According to Homeland Security’s chief advisor of Viktor Orbán, György Bakondi, Brussels shows weakness while people are scared by terrorist attacks, so resolute action must be taken toward migration.

György Bakondi said that complex political and security threats developed in Europe, which need to be taken care of with resolute actions. Although the institutions of the European Union show weakness and are not using any force. The chief advisor added that beyond wrong decisions, the second biggest problem is that many rather help the migration instead of preventing it.

“Migration is massive, organized, aggressive and illegal” underlined György Bakondi.

According to the Hungarian Homeland Security’s chief advisor, people are scared and feel unsecured because of the terrorist attacks, which has bad consequences on society, politics and economy.

“Behind the organization of the massive immigration stands the Islamic State, which declared war on Europe. The advocates of the ideology want to tear apart the Union,” added Bakondi.

He then said that fortunately, more and more nation-state recognize the fight against terrorism as a fundamental interest.

The Hungarian authorities introduced on July 5 the so called deep border surveillance. The caught migrants which are not possible to charge are accompanied back to the nearest gate and sent to the nearest transit zone.

“Since then, 4,900 illegal crossing of the border occurred on border between Hungary and Serbia, and more than 3,100 of them got caught and 1,800 people got accompanied back,” underlined György Bakondi.

According to Hungarian authorities, several thousand people waiting actually on the Serbian side of the border already made attempts to cross the fence, and/or are planning to do so. To secure this situation, the presence of Hungarian police and soldiers is still highly needed.