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The European absurd theatre

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Olivier Bault.

Poland – “Absurd theatre” is the term used by the Polish Ryszard Legutko (PiS) speaking on behalf of the European Conservative Group and rare reformist MPs present during Tuesday’s debate on the draft resolution of theEuropean Parliament “on recent developments in Poland and their impact on the fundamental rights enshrined in the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.” Adopted Wednesday at 510 votes against 160 and 29 abstentions, the resolution was proposed by five groups ranging from the center-right to the far left. Right, unlike the French LR deputies, members of Hungary Fidesz, affiliates, voted against as during the vote on the previous resolution already attacked Poland in April. The group led by the FN of course voted against.

This is a non-binding resolution, whose main objective is to provide support for friends of Donald Tusk in Poland who lost power after the elections in October 2015 and who fail to get recover. “Your political comrades have lost the monopoly of power in Poland and you struggle to accept it,” commented Legutko to members of the European Parliament and of the Commission present at Tuesday’s debate. “The truth is that you are structurally incapable of accepting that there may be governments and parties that do not share your views. ” Speaking for the PiS and its group, which also includes the British Tories, Polish deputy was surprised that at the hour of Brexit, the migratory crisis and the euro crisis the European Parliament has nothing better to do than to discuss about Poland. He also accused the European Commission of violating treaties by usurping the role of both prosecutor, judge and executioner, something characteristic of European enlightened despotism, and he noted that in Poland the rule of law, freedom of expression and media pluralism are doing much better than in Brussels and in many European countries.

“The authoritarian European Commission created the Brexit and could destroy the EU, prevent the countries of the East,” headlined the British newspaper Daily Telegraph website Tuesday. And that is what others might think that day watching the Vice President of the European Commission, the Dutch Frans Timmermans, grinning foolishly in front of the reproaches of this elected of the Polish people.

Also in the convention of theatre of the absurd, the foreign minister of tiny Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn, said Tuesday in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt that the European Union should suspend Hungary that he accuses, in defending her part of the external border of the Schengen area, of violating “European values”. He handed in a layer in an interview with another German newspaper, Sueddeutsche Zeitung,after criticism from all sides. He explained that his words were intended to “shake Europe” before the European Council meeting on Friday in Bratislava, Slovakia. The service-Europeans have obviously made no conclusion of Brexit.

Article written by Olivier Bault and originally published in Présent.
Translated from French by the Visegrád Post.