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Czechia offers a solution for migrants

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Czech Republic – At the UN summit for refugees and migrants held Monday, September 20 in New York, the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomír Zaorálek said the priority for the migration crisis must be to ensure the countries in war or in a difficult economic situation of worthy living conditions to their inhabitants to dissuade them to go.

“Given the size of the wave of migration, we must strive to ensure that these people do not leave their home country. This means that we should ensure that they are well-governed. With corruption and conflict, poor governance is the main reason of the massive leak. That is why we must focus primarily on the political stabilization of the country and help the people who stay there. That said, although there is much talk of the rights to the protection of migrants, do not forget the safety of people living in so-called transit countries or countries of residence of migrants. Today, it is clear that when they are very numerous, migrants can be a threat to the stability and security of countries in which they settle. We then come to a situation where Europe, which has tried to spread around the world the principles of good governance, democracy and freedom can become herself unable to protect these values. “