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Czechia’s President Zeman Links Migration And Terrorism

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Czechia, Prague – President Milos Zeman told Czechs that the attacks in Europe are linked to the massive influx of migrants and said Muslim immigration is a “breeding ground for potential terrorist attacks”.

The President of Czechia, Milos Zeman, made his Christmas speech as every year, but this year, the speech got polemical. Few days after the attack of Berlin, the Czech President told his fellow citizen that “today almost no one doubts the connection between the migration wave and terrorist attacks.”

Therefore, he underligned that Czechia should not take in migrants on a “so-called volunteer basis,’ allunding to the EU’s redistribution scheme. President Zeman explained he is not against helping the migrants “on their territory or on neighboring territories,” or helping Italy and Greece, but “placing Muslim, hardly compatible migrants on [Czechia’s] territory would mean creating a breeding ground for potential terrorist attacks.”