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Riot In Poland After The Death Of A Young Pole In Front Of A Kebab

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Poland, Ełk – After a 21-year-old Polish man was killed by a Tunisian, a riot took place in the town of Ełk in Poland.

UPDATED on January 3, 11:55.

On December 31, two young Poles went to a kebab in Ełk. One of them stole two drinks and they leaved. The thief was know to the police for robbery and threat.

An Algerian and a Tunisian came out of the restaurant, and a fight broke out. The Algerian owner, who has the Polish citizenship, hold on the Polish 21-year-old thief and the 26-year-old Tunisian cook then stabbed him three time ; once in the arm, once in the belly, and once in the heart. According to the prosecution, the several stabbing and the one near the heart show that the aggressor intended to kill. The Maghrebis have been arrested. The Tunisian cook admitted to have stabbed the thief while the Algerian denies the charges. The second Pole returned to throw a firecracker in the kebab.

The following day, January 1, candles were laid by residents in front of the restaurant, attracting more and more people. Eventually, a mob gathered and the restaurant got its window broken under the acclamation of the crowd. The police had to intervene and 300 people took part in a small riot. 28 people were arrested by the police.

The authorities have called for calm which has returned to the streets, even if tension is still there, as police forces and youngsters faced each other in front of the restaurant on January 2. According to the lawyer of the Algerian owner of the kebab, the apartment of its client would have been ransacked and would have undergone an attempt of arson.

A bus of youngsters from Białystok has been stopped by the police. The nationalist organization of ONR intends to hold a demonstration against immigration in front of the kebab restaurant.

A mass at the Cathedral of Ełk has been held for the victim on 2 January at 18:00.