Romania: Revolt, indeed. But whose revolt and against who?

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Romania – A series of relatively important demonstrations took place in the Romanian capital and some other provincial cities. About 50,000 people (according to the authorities) protested on February 1, 2017, against the new government appointed following the December elections. It is the most important demonstration since December 2014. Unprecedented, the President of the Republic, Klaus Iohannis, openly supports these demonstrations. Some speak of “tineriad”, recycling to the term “mineriad“, but this time referring not to minors but to young people, tineri. The writer Modeste Schwartz gives us his analysis of the events.

To eliminate from the outset any simplistic polemics: yes, a sizable portion of the political staff of the Romanian Social Democratic Party (in power since last December, in the form of the Grindeanu government) is “corrupt” – meaning: they are guilty of taking bribes, abuse of public funds, etc.) as is the entire Romanian political class – without exception! –, and as indeed is (as the Fillon affair now demonstrates) nearly the entirety of European political class. The self-proclaimed captain of the “crusade against corruption” that the European media is currently seeking to frame as a “youth revolution”, the 57-year-old Klaus Johannis (president of Romania), prior to his entry into politics, was a high school physics teacher in his hometown of Sibiu. At that time, a high school teacher in Romania earned less than 300 € / month. This same Johannis (of which evil tongues whisper that he would be the son-in-law of a former high-ranking officer of the communist secret police) owns seven houses in Sibiu (a prosperous tourist town, beautifully restored, where real estate prices are at a premium) and declared, while somehow keeping a straight face, having purchased them on income (otherwise undeclared …) he received from giving private lessons!

As for the new party “United we Save Romania” (USR), which presents itself as the great generational and cultural alternative (unfortunately, totally devoid of any real political program outside the famous “anti-corruption” mysticism), its charismatic leader, the French woman (married to a Romanian) Clotilde Armand, recently stated that she “regrets” having pocketed vast funds “for advisory activities” from the multinational Bechtel corporation, which built in Transylvania one of the shortest and most expensive highways in the history of construction.

Consequently, assuming that Romanians emerge from the political apathy which remains their majority attitude, one would expect “non-political” protests, demanding such changes as amending the constitution, a complete replacement of political personnel, direct democracy, or whatever. This is not the case: the 50,000 protesting “Romanian youth” (official figure, probably overestimated – but, would it be true: the government in place owes its legitimacy to … 4 million ballots – amounting to 80 voters for one protester …) demand explicitly, and increasingly violently and illegally, the fall (and even the banning) of the PSD; as for the alternative in power they are thinking of (during those incredibly rare occasions in which they do actually think), the presence in the ranks of the demonstrators of President Johannis (initially brought to power by the National Liberal Party – PNL, now the main party of the opposition) and USR leaders leaves little room for doubt. The “young, handsome, and free” (according to their own rhetoric) want to replace a corrupt political staff backed by a strong democratic majority by a corrupt political staff with barely any democratic base whatsoever. How can one begin to explain such dementia?

Given that:

  1. Many of the protesters are indeed relatively young, deprived of historical awareness and socioeconomic knowledge by the shipwreck of the Romanian (and European) school system and merely follow alpha males and females from their associative surroundings to protests they often experience as street festivals, and which also provide them a golden opportunity to socialize, flirt etc.; and
  2. Another portion of the demonstrators are NGO activists funded by the organizations of the Soros Galaxy and the political foundations that execute the dirty works of German diplomacy in Eastern Europe,

We see that the above question must be split in two, leading to the description of two sets of motivations:

  1. With regard to sincere demonstrators: what can lead a significant fraction of a given age group to the degree of social masochism and self-hatred that drives a student to desire to overthrow the government that has just provided him with free use of the national train system, a future employee to demonstrate against the power that increased the base salary after a decade of austerity under the umbrella of IMF-Berlin, etc.? Why do Romanians hate themselves, and each other, that much?
  2. Regarding the instigators, and especially their sponsors (i.e. primarily Germany and “Brussels”): why so much hatred? Why are they trying so desperately to bring down the Grindeanu government and the party led by L. Dragnea, at all costs, even though Trump’s victory seems to have deprived them of the secret ingredient (namely the discreet interventions of the secret services under CIA control) which, up until now, ensured the political success of street movements which, in Paris or London, would literally go unnoticed (being, as they are, so marginal and politically amorphous)? Why launch all their troops from the “civil society” in this uncertain battle, at the risk of permanently discrediting them in the event of failure, even though the PSD (which could have repeatedly launched a suspension procedure against Dragnea – and has not done so) seems to be willing to fight with their hands tied, or even to peacefully negotiate?

To answer the first question would require a short treatise on the history and anthropology of Romania, which I shall try to summarize in a later article. For the time being, let us confine ourselves to a very general conclusion: born and raised in a de facto colony where their political behavior (by vote or demonstration) has never had the slightest impact on the real conduct of their country and/or their living conditions, young Romanians literally do not know what politics is, and drool like Pavlov’s dogs to the provocations of professional civil society agitators to participate in these tribal rites of collective purification branded as anti-corruption street festivals.

Answering the second question, on the other hand, requires much less intuition, interpretation, concepts, and philosophy. Indeed, it is sufficient to be informed of the recent steps taken by the Grindeanu government, and of the program of government which it intends to implement in the coming months (which are all in the public domain, but carefully ignored by the Western-controlled Romanian press and almost all of the foreign press) to understand that the Reich-Chancellor Merkel simply cannot accept such a mutiny, or even condescend to negotiate with the mutineers, but requires exemplary punishment – if necessary, according to the methods tested in Kiev.

The Grindeanu government, before adopting those amnesty decrees (objects of much whining to the “young, handsome, and free”) which, contrary to what one reads here and there in the controlled press

  1. were by no means its first measure (see below),
  2. do not “legalize corruption” and do not exonerate all acts of corruption (they only institute a threshold of roughly 40,000€, and it seems, in particular, that the charges held against L. Dragnea are not covered by the amnesty) and
  3. were absolutely necessary – since the PSD would be completely unable to govern with the gun of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (entirely following orders of its Western sponsors) pointed at their collective head,

the Grindeanu government, during the ten days that separated its recent inauguration from the passing of said decrees, did not rest. During this period of just over a week, it has taken significant measures, including:

  1. raising the level of the minimum wage and retirement benefits, thereby nullifying the austerity measures adopted by the governments of the Băsescu presidency (notably the Boc government) under the diktats of the IMF, Berlin, and Brussels; and
  2. announcing a tax exemption for wages of less than € 500 (yes: a month ago in Romania, an EU member state, many employees still paid taxes on wages of € 300 in cities where the rent of a room in a shared flat rarely costs less than 100 € – food prices in supermarkets being roughly at Hungarian levels, i.e. not far from those in Austria).

Not only do these two measures “set a bad example” for all southern and eastern European countries feeling the temptation to shake off the yoke of German ordo-liberalism and to turn to growth policies, but they directly affect the German capital. Germany (i.e. the Bavarian capital and its Austrian auxiliaries) has recently become the main external investor in Romania, followed by France, while the United States (still very present in the early 2000s) seemed, from the presidency of Obama and his Asia Pivot, to be passing the button. The high profitability of these investments (Romanian companies generally presenting a double rate of profit compared to the euro zone average) is mainly based on the unrestrained exploitation of a slave labor force (with a minimum wage precisely calculated in such a way as to allow the miserable survival of an individual without a family and with no rent to pay – the Romanians being, as most Eastern Europeans, usually owners of an apartment in poor condition redeemed from the state at the beginning of the 1990s), resulting in very low social and geographical mobility, an unprecedented demographic decline and the highest emigration rate of non-African countries in the world (higher than that of Syria – including the war period!).

So far, however, I think it would have stayed in the field of the negotiable: some tax gifts to the big German “investors” (like E.on Ruhrgas, who took control of the former state gas monopoly in Transylvania, charging German gas prices to the population for the gas it buys cheap… from Russia), and Munich would have calmed down, leaving as always the small fish and the French investors to pay the expenses of the new policy (the French, however, very present in retail, would not complain too loudly about Grindeanu seeking to add steroids to the purchasing power of the Romanian middle class …).

But here’s the thing: the odious PSD government also plans to create:

  • a Sovereign Development and Investment Fund (FSDI), such as in Norway, France, Saudi Arabia, etc., which would be fed by the profits of enterprises which remained under state ownership (profits? – this sounds so strange, given that previous governments have claimed that these were “bottomless holes” that should be urgently privatized …), and would serve in particular to endow Romania with the agribusiness links (processing, canning, bottling) it lacks between its enormous agricultural fertility and an internal market of 18 million consumers mostly convinced (rightly) that food produced in Romania is both healthier and more palatable than imported food.

Here, from the point of view of the colonial metropolis, one enters the domain of the non-negotiable. By such a measure, Romania simply plans to unilaterally challenge the status of an extractive colony (source of practically free raw materials and inexpensive migrant labor) assigned to it in the present world order, claiming – if not complete sovereignty, of which it does not have the military means – the status of a productive colony comparable to that of Hungary (where the average wage is about 50% higher, and which suffers less population bleeding to migration).

Thus, here’s who’s revolting right now: Germany, as a colonial metropolis, is revolting against the democratically elected government of Romania (regardless of its numerous charges of corruption – no more and no less than the previous ones or the following ones, or, indeed, those of Europe at large) and seeking to overthrow it by means of a putsch uniting the efforts of the German political foundations (F. Adenauer, F. Ebert, R. Luxemburg) with those of the Soros-financed “civil society” – which, this time , does not even bother to pretend to be apolitical or “trans-partisan”, brazenly calling to call back the government of former European Commissioner Dacian Cioloş, a “technocrat” never elected by anybody, imposed without a parliamentary majority by Johannis in 2014 as the result of a previous Bucharest “maidan”, and which has just been dismissed from power by a massive vote condemning its policy of the previous two years.

It must be said that the EU, now so vehement in its praise, had not facilitated Cioloş’s task: considering that it now controlled its Romanian plantation directly, the colonial metropolis had even decided to cut back a little more, as a result of which Cioloş’s record on the absorption of structural funds, for example, was even more catastrophic than the (notably bad) one of the previous governments. Here is the competent and virginal elite that the “young, handsome, and free” of A. Merkel and G. Soros are currently attempting to restore to power, in defiance of the popular vote. In the light of such developments, we can now consider as completed the EU’s transition (in its aims and methods) to a parasitic structure comparable to the infamous United Fruit Company in Latin America before the neo-Bolivarian revolutions. Death squads are not yet on the scene, but keep up the good work, Mr. Johannis: with effort, you can still become another Pinochet!

Modeste Schwartz


  1. I suppose there’s nothing more to say. All I can do is to cry and pray to God to send us deliverance the way He delivered the Hebrews from the hands of the Philistines. And no, I didn’t suddenly lost my marbles but think: we have no worth-mentioning army, we have virtually no economy left in Romanian hands and we are slowly losing our lands and forests, after losing whatever meager oil and gas resources we used to have. We’ve been left with nothing save two things. God and an inhumanely, beastlike endurance. One day this yoke shall be lifted too.

    1. This article is very biased and smells as a total RUSSIAN style propaganda!

      Every line contains lies or severe distortions of the facts. It also discusses false suppositions or pure fantasies with no connection to reality or to the meetings being held not only in Bucharest but in more than 55 Romanian cities. They were the largest mass demonstrations since the fall of socialist dictatorship, amounting to more than half a million protesters all over the country.

      Living in France, one can see more clearly: it’s not about Johannis, former PM Ciolos, or Soros NGOs… It’s about a poor people rotten by poor leadership, treason, and corrupt leaders looking to escape justice. It’s not about “two political camps” but it’s the REVOLT of honest people against thieves who robbed the country for 27 years.

      1. If so, you’d have also gone to the ACD headquarters to demand the investigation of Klaus Iohannis for acquiring a house by forgery, of Florian Coldea for taking bribe and of Laura Kovesi for not prosecuting her brother and lover’s cases. As you went searching for thieves only one way and not the other, please don’t lecture me and don’t insult my intelligence.

  2. A very biased and emotionally written article, full of questionable facts, most of the being undoubtedly wrong.
    Besides having no sources provided for the information you give, the poorly constructed article gives out manipulation tendencies.

    1. Biased indeed, to mention that:
      – “Clotilde Armand “regrets” having pocketed vast funds “for advisory activities” from Bechtel corporation, which built in Transylvania one of the shortest and most expensive highways in the history of construction.”..
      – Cioloş’s record on the NON-absorption of structural funds; or,
      -500eur/month wages with western EU level of food prices; etc etc

      You’re clearly an irresponsible idiot, an ngo-paid hungry mouth or slave crying after some German breadcrumbs!enjoy while it lasts!

  3. The article is biased, negative and states incomplete facts in order to misinform. Please check bbc or AJ eg. for more valid and updated info.

    1. oh for sure, and you must be either with one of the ngo’s or with the slave masters?
      Otherwise, it’s difficut to get for everyone why you protest against raising minimum wages and retirement benefits in Romania, after 10yrs of austerity politics?! Pls, wake up and smell the coffee!

  4. U lost me at ure explanation of “mineriada” which is actually derived from miners . With a simple search on wiki u could’ve seen the information regarding “Mineriada June 1990”. Everything else might be well researched but since this info u had is not acurrate makes me wonder what else slipped away…

  5. U lost me at ure explanation of “mineriada” which is actually derived from miners . With a simple search on wiki u could’ve seen the information regarding “Mineriada June 1990”. Everything else might be well researched but since this info u had is not acurrate makes me wonder what else slipped away…

    1. no offence, you have no reason to be a proud romanian, with migrating population figures higher than the ones of Syria during war, you should be ashamed at how little grasp on politics and reality Romanians have!

      1. You say reality ? Come to Romania and see what the beloved and civilized west did to us… Reality is what we live day by day … please don’t try and explain how we live or what is in Romania… ask Germans, Austrian, Russian and French officials they know. The migration was economic and not due to wards… we went to work abroad but send money in Romania and also spending the money in Romania so again your statement is unfounded. We know more politics than any other country as we know the lies and read between the lines…Now i live in London and what i see at TV is the same shit i saw back home, like 10 years ago, but now i know as i already passed that stage… so please do not preach us about freedom (we gained this by blood), reality and politics… Peace !

      2. P.S. We have all the reasons to be proud – no one ever helped us, we are the first and the last country in the world which actually paied a debt – NO OTHER COUNTRY DID THAT and we gave so many to the world, while we took back so little. Basically we are not “mamas boy” or “daddy’s girl” – we learn how to enjoy hard times finding the power to smile and also help others. Also say thank you Romania for your immigrants – that gave the west engineers (as myself), doctors, innovators, inventors and many other things. We passed 2 world wars between the big bear (russia) and the wolfs (Germany and Co.) and we are still there… So yeah proud to be Romanian in a world where mediocrity rules and thief’s are ruling. After-all we didn’t had any wars to invade and take resources or land from others.. you know like UK when they “emancipated” and “civilized” the “common wealth” – we are trying to become someone by being honest and correct, when others with no standard about ethics and morals, which created bad things in this world are pointing the finger while other bombs are dropped in Syria, other African state is being in war just because is fun… Is is called hypocrisy. So yes, we SHOULD be proud for being Romanians.

  6. Indeed, there was no amnesty proposal, only a pardon for about 2,500 convicts. And President Iohannis does not own seven houses, ONLY SIX!

    Do not believe the uninformed people claiming the article is biased. The basic information is entirely correct. The aim of the protests was to reject an emergency decree with no particular importance, falsely presented as legalizing small corruption. And to reject the pardon of corrupt politicians, which was never proposed!

    How come so many people came out to protest in an otherwise apathetic society – you have to ask the secret service and the foreign-sponsored NGOs.

      1. One of the houses (the most expensive one) he just lost in a lawsuit, as having been obtained with illegal documents. However, no penal action is conducted against him or his wife.

  7. Thank you for showing the truth, otherwise all “media” is presenting everything like in a mirror, where right being left and left being right, thank you.

  8. This is an exceptionally good analyse of the current situation. All the informations are absolutely correct. We hope that you will write many other so deep analyse on the Romanian reality. Pax et Bonum!

    1. bai papagalule. te umpli de penibil cu linkurile astea. cred ca nici nu lea-i deschis daca vorbesti de “jurnalisti adevarati”. doua dintre linkuri au acelasi articol, deci copy paste. si restul sunt scrise de corespondenti romani. uite ce scrie David Clark tot de la The Guardian:
      Asa putem tot citi presa daca nu ne uitam sa vedem si care is sursele. o mai si dam tantosi cu duma “ui ce zice vestu despre noi” si vorbim de “proven facts” ca sa parem informati si importanti. esti PENIBIL, PENIBIL, PENIBIL.

      1. se caca pe el cu linkuri de fituici discreditate, numai la papagali mai tin de-alde guardian, ws, nyt,cnn etc Un bou cu tate!Deci automat, e din Romania!

      2. You should first start learning proper Romanian grammar before call names to people.

        The article is obviously biased and full of propaganda.

  9. Next time, abstain yourself from writing distortionate ideas and facts about something you don’t even know how to explain, didn’t take part in it, and mind your own business with regards to your Visegrad writings. The article is full of bullshit, which practically comes hand in hand with the government at hand and maybe being paid to write such crap just shows what this site is all about. But it’s good, in this way more people will see and share your deplorable style of writings and stories.

    1. Repeta dupa mine, Gogule: we, the (stupid!) people do not like the truth! We love Germany and poverty in Romania si poi poti sa treci pe la casierie!
      me thinks is cultural!

  10. The article looks written of demand, to sustain the Romanian Government views.
    The demonstrators were 300.000, on whole country, which represents the largest demonstration from the ’89 revolution, not “a relatively important” one.
    The people protested against Government Ordinance which absolves about 2000 politicians of corruptions accusations, including Liviu Dragnea, the President of the PSD, the leading party, the main beneficiary of the Ordinance, along with other high profile politicians. (the article sustain quite the opposite)
    The ordinance also contain things which make the fight against corruption almost impossible, like the denouncement is valid only 6 months after the data of the illegal event (that’s an worldwide premiere in justice)
    The ordinance was approved without being on the schedule of Government, deep in the night, without the mandatory advise of the CSM, the Superior Council of the Magistracy.
    The involvement of Soros and Merkel is a common argument in the opposition moves against Romanian and Hungarian Governments, except there are not sustained by any evidence

  11. OMG! I have never seen so many lies in only one article! Every single word is a lie!

    You don’t even deserve the effort and attention to prove you wrong!

    1. Yea because that would require having an argument on your side.
      But hey I can say every single word in your comment is a lie! You don’t even deserve the effort and attention to prove you wrong! Makes just as much sense…

    2. ai vazut fata?! Spune ca autostrada “facuta” de ricani este cea mai mica si scumpa din istoria constructiilor de autostrazi! Iar Armanda aia si-a umplut buzunarele dupa ce a dat..sfaturi!Mai sfatoasa ca Brigitta Sfat a lui Nastase.

      Cica salariile sclavilor sunt de 300eur si macarea ca in Vest.. ntz ntz, minciuni peste minciuni!

  12. Dear reader,

    Given the powerful propaganda tools of the Romanian government which are spreading fake news to create favorable opinion tides, I have conducted a fact checking material which covers recent events and the environment in Romanian politics. I will try not to include my personal opinions. I will just enumerate facts, most of them on recent events in Romania:

    FACT1: The leader of the PSD party (Liviu Dragnea) has been convicted for electoral fraud and received a 2 year prison sentenced with suspension. He is awaiting a second sentence for abuse of office this year. A second conviction will be executory and he would go to jail. Grindeanu’s (current prime minister) father is also under conviction for abuse of office.

    FACT2: Voting for parliament in Romania is made on lists of persons promoted by the government not on specific persons. This practice makes the elected officials to owe loyalties to the party and not to the electorate. Also, it creates a market where politicians buy their places on the lists which promotes corruption and makes them extremely adverse to change or towards losing their seats.

    FACT3: In December 2016, the PSD won the elections helped by low voter turnout (39,49%) and populist promises (raising min wage, raising public servants wages, cutting or eliminating taxes unsustainably).

    FACT3: When they installed their new government they promised not to promote any laws which would dicriminalize corruption offences.

    FACT4: On 18 January 2017 the President made an impromptu visit to the Government meeting where officials denied in front of the cameras that they intended to pass any legislation on corruption. Later that day they admitted that they did have a government ordinance sketched for the meeting on corruption which was leaked to the press. This led to over 90.000 people marching on the streets of Bucharest to protest against these intentions. Some sluggish consultations followed which resulted in a powerful opposition to the act and judicial institutions gave a negative endorsement to the

    FACT5: On 31 January 2017, at 22,00 the Government held a new emergency meeting where they approved the Emergency Ordinance for changing the penal code without any consultations and without legal endorsement from judicial institutions. 15.000 people fled the streets and met in front of the government in the hour to show their protest. The ordinance was published in the Official Monitor at 01:00 A.M. 1st of February. Some of the provisions of the ordinance:
    – abuses of office are no longer punishable under the 200.000 lei(approx. 45.000 EUR) material damage. Note: PSD party leader is under trial for a 109.000 lei damage to the State.
    – Conflicts of interests where redefined and public acquisition involving officials family members are no longer punishable;
    – Prescription applies for fellonies that are discovered after 6 months or where the victim doesn’t file a complaint ( since the State is the victim and is represented by the abuser this promotes abuses)
    It is estimated that over 2000 convicted and under conviction public servants and officials would be released if this ordinance comes into force. In the penal code the more favorable law applies, so if it comes into force for one minute, these persons can no longer be convicted for the same offences even if the ordinance is later repealed or deemed unconstitutional.

    FACT6: People have protested in the streets with hundreds of thousands flowing the streets for over a week everywhere in the country and a peak of 600.000 people on Sunday 5th of February. Given public pressure the emergency ordinance was repealed by a second ordinance which some experts say, was purposely drafted with unconstitutional provisions so that it would be rejected by parliament and therefore make the prior ordinance come into law.

    FACT7: Two Romanian news television channels are owned by persons who are currently convicted for multiple corruption related charges. Antena3 is owned by Voiculescu and Romania TV is owned by Ghita. The later has escaped from police surveillance right after the elections and started a campaign for denigrating the chief of the National Anti-corruption Dirrectorate. These channels are spreading continuous propaganda against the President and justice officials. False news are presented as facts. Recent events have led to propaganda against the people on the streets which has calmed down as more people protested. They continue to spread FAKE news regarding a George Soros involvement in civil society, NGOs, and younger parties with money and influence, about multinational companies trying to get the government changed and other countries trying to divide Romanian territory between neighbours. It is an inflammatory nationalistic language which we have seen in Western countries and which political figures endorse when they are invited to speak for these channels. Many companies have recently decided to withdraw from their advertising contracts with these media channels. However, despite all propaganda, PSD supporters have only gathered in the hundreds, with a peak of 3.000 in one day. Some press outlets have presented proof that most of them were brought with buses from rural areas or received money for their support.

    FACT 8: Romanians continue to protest in the streets and ask for the Government to resign. Some voices ask for new elections for Parliament. The Government and PSD party officials have blamed everything on a bad communication strategy for which the Justice Minister, who initiated the ordinance is responsible. However, they refuse to assume any other responsibility for these events and some are blaming the president and a new initiative with similar provisions is now passed over to parliament for deliberation. Today, 8th of February, the Parliament has to vote on a motion to withdraw the mandate that was given to the current government, initiated by the opposition.

    Please feel free to check these facts and make your own opinion,

    A fellow Romanian citizen”

    1. alo, alo, alo. Where did you copy paste this? this is BS. you might be a Romanian but you are no fellow to Romanians. “Prescription applies for fellonies that are discovered after 6 months or where the victim doesn’t file a complaint ( since the State is the victim and is represented by the abuser this promotes abuses)” where did you read this? or you don’t see any difference between denounce (“denunt”) and complaint (“plangere”). prescription doesn’t apply for felonies. and why don’t you speak about the fact that the modified article is unconstitutional and must be modified, and even CEDO recommends to place this limit on “abuse”. so please read the the CCR statements carefully and than come back and write another “novel”.

    2. You didn’t address the foreign policy, ie. the allegations against ms. Mackerel et co., the colonisation of Romania,the level of min. wages and prices, the constant exploitation of the natural and human resources of the country, the facts of corruption involving the so-called “alternative”-becel et armandel etc etc You’re really missing the bigger picture!

    3. Dear fellow Romanian citizen ,
      i don’t understand how your FACTS will contradict this article? Despite some small omissions this article has a point and if you’re not too brain-washed you will see that point. I understand that you are living in a fairy tale but knock knock this is real life. There is always someone who will try to take benefits and to manipulate such a street movement. And in this case is not even slightly difficult to see who’s doing that ……

  13. You said al good except Klaus Johannis didn’t bought those houses he use his power to steal them and even now he lost 2 of them for good he manipulates the Romanian justice to get them back and he also facilitated the sale of 3 pour kids to Canada for organs . So that’s the Romanian corrupt and thief president that wants a civil war in Romania . Thank you and god bless you because you said the purely truth about this dictator.

  14. The president Klaus Iohannis has not been convicted of anything. The so called 6 houses are actually assests that represent small houses(some of them are 60sqm) which were purchased in the 90s when the market was very low. In one case the seller obtained the house using fraudulent inheritance papers which led to the buyer (the president) losing a civil case with the real inheritors. This has been used nu state propaganda to discredit the presidential office. Most fake news allegations target NGOs, the civil society, the young new parties and even create conspiracy theories to discredit the protesters.

  15. Absolute rubish!
    Figures are wrong, ideas are twisted and somehow appear to follow a script that has been practiced in recent year in more than one east european country.

    FSB trolls, get a real job!

  16. So if I’ve understood your thesis correctly we should in general be content with politicians for the good deeds they do and just ignore the bad ones? So extending your argument in another context of, say, the UK one should have congratulated Tony Blair for the schools he built and simply ignore the fact that he deceived parliament, ignored a demonstration of 2 million people and went on to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan leading to the destabilisation of the Muslim world – but hey no problem don’t forget those fabulous schools. Is this seriously what you are saying?

  17. Great article! Thank you for it! I understood all the international implication in the revolt but there are few people that shared my opinion. Unfortunately, the young are also “blind”.. and innocent.

  18. Very biased article, the figures are wrong and the analysis? absolutely pathetic! Please verify credible sources before writing. This is NOT journalism!

  19. “600 000 protesters”: LOL
    Just compare the sky photographs of the demonstrations with those of open air (but paying) pop-culture concerts in Bucharest (where the number of listeners is well-known, since each one has paid an entry fee), and do the maths.
    Maybe (though I doubt it) at some point the maidan reached 100 000 simultaneously on the street in Bucharest, and 150 000 nationally, meaning 1 protester for 25 PSD voters. Maybe.
    Under such conditions, asking for the government to resign is a coup attempt, period.

    1. If this is a coup attempt, what would be the ACD bringing charges against members of the Government for issuing the Ordinance? Go figure. The corrupt politicians are made into scapegoats by equally corrupt prosecutors and secret services workers. Only that the politicians can be controlled by means of vote; the prosecutors and judges have destroyed lives and nobody can take them to task for that. I know someone who was summoned to the ACD and told “You’re going to leave this place only if and when I allow it.” Typical NKVD style. The interrogation methods were also in the same vein: threats and confinement alongside dangerous individuals in order to wrestle out of him both a confession and a delation. An old woman, a peasant, was dragged from Suceava to Bucharest and after a day of humiliations was thrown out on the streets, hungry and penniless, to go back home, hundred miles away. She resorted to begging on the streets! Nobody answers for that. Checks and balances do not work. This is the real problem and they want it hidden. Only that, the majority of the people, those scorned and derided by the protesters, does understand what really happens and every round of elections was proof of that.

  20. Broadly the price of a Romanian mail-post bride in your literacy category, dear. Modeste is a masculine name in all languages which use it.

    1. Well, “the dear one” might have thought of Modeste Mignon, Balzac’s novel character. Although it’s not very likely, I suppose. But hey, when “Anne” is now given to females after being given to males for some centuries, you cannot blame a dear someone for such a petty mistake.
      P.S. To tell you, the end of this epic tale was prophesized more than a hundred years ago: “pupat Piața Endependenței”. “falling backwards and roaring with laughter”

  21. Excellent analysis, however another important factor is that another PSD govt led by Ponta, was toppled up 2yrs ago, mainly because US through nato, wanted to keep the finger on the button in Deveselu, and with Psd in govt, they couldnt control govt’s secret services. Same situation repeats today, when pds doesnt want to play ball with the nato crowd, hence yesterday 500us army and tanks got to smardan, Galati county. From a250km distance away from Bucharest, these troups can easily infiltrate the crowd of protesters in Bucharest and around the country and make sure unelected Ciolos govt is coming back. Not happy days for the Romanian democracy!

    1. Did you saw the US, Britain and France flags in Victoria’s square? What the hell for there and by whom order or stupidity (showing what?!). Article is correct for those openly to truth even the truth hurts!

      1. yeap, that’s the way it works: take the naive population for a raid, first with the flags, then with the tanks to reinforce, if required.
        Sad, the sprouting seeds of the “protesters” in@’89, still puzzled: “cine-a tras in noi in 22?!”, the yes!men who had the brains to implement the reap off the country on behalf of their slave masters for few decades, were never smart enough to fight the “brussel sprout”, more unaccountable and corrupt than the local govt! They say the last guys with guts/brains were killed in the 1907revolt!

  22. Dear Modeste
    How much did you received for this article? There is nothing, but nothing true in it. They didnt give you accurate information, and you didnt bother to check who is the leader of USR and when was this party founded. You would know that its not Clothilde Armand and that they were never in any position to accept bribes, so they cant be accused of corruption.
    horrible article, you should be ashamed of yourself

  23. very well written article.
    this site is full of “free beautiful young men” imbecils as Victoria square of Bucharest; imbecils who work on good wages in multi-national corporations only in Bucharest, and do not think about the rest of Romania; these imbecils are partly the reason educated people who left Romania don’t want to return home, besides poor income for excesive work.

    1. Yes, including “Imbecils” who grew up in Teleorman, a PSD county, with politicians throwing poor naive people a bone to get their votes, while hardworking people with more than half a brain (always the minority) had to shut up and keep working, to indirectly fund said politician’s cars and mansions as well as the bones thrown to the poor. In a corrupt system where if you make a comment regarding theft and injustice you fear loosing your job. Few young people return to Teleorman. It’s amongst the poorest counties in Romania. You cannot live a dignified life there. I have lived there for the first 18 years of my life. I know exactly how it works. It was part of my day to day life. I do not understand why some of you want the same for the whole country. Yes, there can be much worse for Romania than there is right now! Even local politicians lead a horrid life in Teleorman by comparisson with those from other places because there is obviously nomeone to create conditions for a better quality of life (streets, hospitals, etc.).

      Also most of those imbeciles from the street you criticize are educated, hard working, high achieving people such as yourself who could have tricked the system but chose not to, who could have left for much higher paying jobs but chose not to, people who still care and want better for this country as a whole. But as always kindness and moral values make you stupid in Romania, or an imbecile as you have just said. I for one am proud to be an imbecile.

  24. Except for some small inadvertence this article has a good point. And this point stands up irrespective who the leader of USR is (Nicusor or Clothilde). And you don’t have to be ashamed of anything, for speaking the truth.

    My own experience with USR and the rest of it …. I almost voted for them, without much of a thought, because in my entourage they were seen as the young-immaculate-shiny-rising star of the Romanian politics, new wave. I am working in some corporation so you can easily guess my entourage, it’s kind of the protester prototype. By some circumstances I didn’t get to vote and I am so happy that I didn’t. Because it was so terrifying to see the infantile behavior of USR and the circus that they’ve created in the Parliament, in an attempt to gain popularity. It’s then when I realized that they have no substance, no stateliness, they are made out of slogans. Maybe the govt. was wrong with that decree. Just maybe, because the opinions are both ways. But even this does not justify the lack of respect shown by USR for that institution and for those staying at home watching all this circus. Not to mention that they protest against a decree whose content they seem to have no clue of (as their leader, Nicusor, has shown in a recent speech). On top of this, they are now being investigated for corruption deeds related to the illegal financing of their party …. So, that much for the party I almost voted with!
    The circus would not be complete if not for the other opposition party ,PNL, led by that arrogant lady with quite a loud mouth when it comes to making accusations despite that the party she represents is far from exemplary. Supposedly these in the opposition are the good guys and the ruling party is some kind of boo-boo red communist corrupt, etc. (as opposed to the opposition parties who are so immaculate!)
    In all this mess I discovered the true face of our president. Although there are unanswered questions about his conduct/wealth with some uncomfortable answers that are well hidden under the presidential immunity cloak , he is so loud when it comes to pointing the blame finger at others. His local and int’l speeches are quite inflammatory and he even participates to the street protests. Wow, is there a precedent for a protesting president? Shouldn’t he be a mediator or something? Oh, but wait, he has an agenda to pursue. His numbers were so going down before that and he immediately saw and seized the opportunity to gain some popularity by transforming all this into something much more than it really is.

    So now I am perplexedly watching how the protests are transforming from something sincere and promising at the beginning into something so undefined, Woodstock-like sometimes, with projector lights, phone lights, people socializing, with some saying that it is cool to be in Piata Victoriei, with some local artists joining the protest despite that some admit that they didn’t read the decree and even if they would have, they wouldn’t have understand it. And then I see all the Facebook propaganda (remember that I work in a corporation so you can imagine how my Facebook page looks like these days). And everybody there seems to be so sure that they’ve figured everything out, that they are the smart guys, not manipulated even a bit, and that all the rest that think otherwise are just stupid. Really ?

    And the protesters ask to withdraw the decree, and it is withdrawn, and then they ask for someone to pay, and one minister pays, and then they want to bring the govt. down. What? It’s for the principle, they say. Well, let me tell you, we are a country full of principles, that’s for sure. It’s a dementia. This is a lose-lose game for all of us, the “slaves”. As the article says, all that it can be achieved is to replace a corrupt political staff backed by a strong democratic majority by a corrupt political staff with barely any democratic base and thus to replace a government plan with another one less populist but more in line with the criteria set by the capitalist-oriented Europe. Strong interests are involved in this fight and we all know how this game is being played, with unequal means. Sadly, as always, ordinary people are used by the most powerful, as sheep

  25. De acord cu Nemilosu, cei din Piață sunt de la multinaționale, iar ceilalți bonus din partea opoziției și ONG-uri sorosiste. Nu au nicio treabă cu lupta anticorupție ci sunt împotriva programului de guvernare. Câteva zeci de mii nu reprezintă marea majoritate a românilor.

  26. This article is nothing else that I have seen in the newspapers of the Romanian communidt era. I strongly belive that PSD is a kind of communist party. Dl. Ponta was a dictator. Sorry we had no other choice that to vote for Dl. Iohanis. I also hope that Dl. Dragnea will make right decision for PSD and turn this party into a real drmocratic party, but not a party for the old folks of the past communidt regim. It would be nice to see a statistic of the voters by age who VOTE for PSD, ALDE, and PNL.
    This anti occident retoric was tipycal in the communist era. Smar on the author. Lot of lies on his article.

  27. Bravo, excellentem article. Les Roumains devrait copier et appliquer à la lettre le programme du présent François ASSELINEAU, du parti Dans 20 ils vont le faire. Le temps de comprendre et de être au fond des fond s.

  28. Why would visegrad group write an article supporting the left wing parties of Romania? Why aren’t they supporting a right wing nationalist party and getting Romania to join visegrad?

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