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Will the Visegrád 4 have its own euro-group in the European Parliament?

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Hungary, Budapest – On April 17, Viktor Orbán’s friend, the publicist Zsolt Bayer, mentioned the possibility of the creation of a V4 euro-parliamentary group.

During the political debate named Sajklub (media club), on the government-friendly Echo TV channel, the show’s star presenter and friend of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Zsolt Bayer, led the discussion on the case of Hungary which he believes is being permanently attacked in Brussels. “If they want to tear apart Hungary and put its head on a pike, that’s because Hungary has a double barrier at its southern border which 80 per cent of the population approves of, and there is a Prime Minister who said: You shall not pass!

Bayer added that Brussels can no longer support the actions of Hungary and that it will try to impose its will upon Hungary at all costs. As a proof, the Hungarian publicist talked about the threats of exclusion, adding that Brussels will, if necessary, “bring [Hungary] to kneel and spank [Hungary’s] buttocks.”

False stories of migrants being beaten under development

Zsolt Bayer continues his forecast: in June, the European Court of Human Rights will sweep away the common demand of Hungary and Slovakia against the quotas of migrants. And at the same time, the stories of migrants being beaten at the border will be ready, such as the one in which men in uniform beat migrants in a ruined farm in Serbia. The publicist believes that the aim of the maneuver is to target the Hungarian police without citations; which, he recalled, is impossible since the Hungarian officers can not cross the border, which is also permanently monitored, in particular with drones and thermal cameras.

The V4 would join forces in the European Parliament

For Bayer, this false story will be the trigger for sanctions against Hungary. However, he recalled, Poland had just put in place measures identical to those of Hungary concerning illegals migrants. In addition, Hungary and Poland have planned their defense: for any sanction against one, the other will veto.

István Lovas, a well-known Hungarian journalist who participated in the TV show, underlined that according to Politico, Jean-Claude Juncker has set himself the goal of ousting Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party from the EPP. For Zsolt Bayer, this is not something that Fidesz wants, but a plan B exists if that happens.

Moreover, says Bayer, if right-wing parties similar to Fidesz were to be excluded from the EPP, then nothing would differentiate it from the social-democratic or liberal parliamentary groups, as the EPP members know very well, insisted Bayer.

However, if the ousting were to occur, V4 members will create a euro-parliamentary group. “And it will ultimately be better than being in the EPP,” Zsolt Bayer added, stressing that he would say no more for the moment.

Watch the show below (in Hungarian):