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Czechia wants to help the Libyan coast guard

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Czechia – As polls show that Czechs massively do not want any more refugees nor migrants, the Czech Prime Minister told the press his will to increase the Czech aid to the Libyan coast guard.

According to the latest CVVM poll released last week, 60% of Czechs think that their country should not accept any refugees from countries at war. 33% of Czechs would accept the refugees temporarily and only 3% would let them settle in the country. The CVVM institute adds that “the Czech public opinion on accepting war refugees has been very stable since the end of 2015”. 74% of Czechs consider refugees a threat to the national security and 88% thing they are a danger for Europe, while 79% thing they are also a threat for international peace.

At the Brussels’ summit on June 22-23, center-left Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka told the press his will to aid Libyan coast guard to minimize illegal migration to Europe from the shores of Libya. According to Sobotka, Czechia would be ready to provide more financial and personnel assistance to Libya.

Sobotka said the summit showed that the member states remain divided on the application of a permanent mechanism for the redistribution of asylum seekers around the EU in case of an emergency situation.

Estonia, which will take over the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU from Malta in July, is to deal with the point of controversy.

“The only way to move forward during the Estonian presidency is to separate the quotas, which are unacceptable for Czechs and the whole Visegrád Group, from the rest of the reform,” Sobotka said.