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The V4 and Egypt strengthen their cooperation

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Hungary, Budapest – The V4 leaders convened in Budapest in order to meet with the Egyptian President. A strategic move from the V4, who wants to work more closely with Egypt, especially in order to secure its stability.

Hungary, now leading for a year the Visegrád group, hosted on July 4 a summit bringing together the V4 and Egypt. Viktor Orbán said that the V4 looks at Egypt as a regional neighbor, and thanks the Egyptian President for his work in order to stabilize his country’s close region’s integrity. Securing the south Mediterranean Sea, blocking migration routes and fighting terrorism are important tasks for the Egyptian authorities, and therefore makes it a key partner for Central European countries, summed up Orbán.

The Hungarian Prime Minister stressed that the work done by Egypt regarding the care given on the migration topic and the enforcement of the borders deserve gratitude from the European Union.

Viktor Orbán also told the press that Libya has been one of the topics discussed during the meeting. “It has been a big lesson for the EU”, told the Hungarian PM, as the current situation “is also our responsibility, since we, westerners, involved ourselves in this country’s life without having a proper plan”. The consequence is the open borders of Libya, exploited by smugglers and migrants.

The V4 and Egypt also agreed on having greater exchanges and bilateral investments. The V4 also expressed its wish to see as soon as possible a new meeting of the EU-Egypt Association Council.