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Hungary is ready to take in an Iranian Christian refugee facing deportation from Sweden

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By Nicolas de Lamberterie.

Hungary – Aideen Strandsson is an Iranian actress. She secretly converted to Christianity, before publicly announcing it when she arrived in Sweden with a three-year work visa: she was publicly baptized and took a Swedish surname.

Today, due to her conversion, she is facing penalties up to the death penalty – for apostasy – if she returns to her country.

In order to avoid these persecutions, Aideen Strandsson applied for asylum in Sweden. This same Sweden well known to welcome without restrictions the migrants of the whole world.

All requests for Aideen Strandsson have so far been rejected, on the grounds, among other things, that her conversion to Christianity is a matter of choice, and that she would only have to face six months in prison in Iran, which is seen as not particularly harsh.

At the same time, Sweden’s Interior Minister Morgan Johansson told that she refused to deny Swedish citizenship to the fighters of the Islamic State back to Sweden.

When the Hungarian leaders were informed of this information, they publicly announced through the voice of Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén that Hungary would grant political asylum to Aideen Strandsson.

This position is at the same time a very sincere step taken by the Hungarian government of Viktor Orbán who has always affirmed his desire to protect Christians in the world but is also a stone thrown into the water as Hungary and other Central European countries of the Visegrád Group are in frontal opposition with the European Union on the question of the quotas of migrants to dispatch among the member countries of the EU.