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Slovaks do not want a multi-speed European Union

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Slovakia – According to a recent poll by Polis Slovakia, Slovak citizens reject the idea of joining the Core Europe – in other terms, the stronger part of a multi-speed Union – wanted by Merkel and Macron, especially if it goes with tax increase, further loans to Greece, problematic guarantees for western European bank deposits, and migrants acceptation.

The poll has been ordered by the patriotic opposition party SaS and has been conducted between September 8 and 16, and each of the question asking to stand by joining the Core Europe has been predominantly answered with no. Although, member of other parties criticized the way this poll has been conducted. Lucia Žitňanská, member of center right Most–Híd party, which is part of the governmental coalition in power, denounced the questions as being biased. She stressed that Slovakia has to be at the table of negotiations with the Core Europe.

Different political forces are struggling in Slovakia. The country is often presented a a potential weak point of the Visegrád group, since the Left wing populist Prime Minister Robert Fico is keen to bring its country into the select club of the Core Europe – Slovakia is even member of the eurozone since 2009. Although, right wing forces seem more interested by the strengthening of the Visegrád Group, in order to defend Central Europeans’ interests along with their neighbors who have similar views on the EU, sovereignty, migration and taxation.