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“They will be no mosques in Hungary” said a Hungarian Fidesz MP

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Hungary – Hungarian Fidesz MP Gergely Gulyás declared that “there will be no mosques in Hungary”, and argued that “from the perspective of our own security, mosques would have a negative impact.”

Bayer Zsolt, the sulphurous political TV show host and well-known pro-Orbán columnist received on pro-government television Echo TV the Fidesz parliamentary delegation leader Gergely Gulyás.

While commenting on the recent attack that occurred in New-York City, Zsolt Bayer praised American President Donald Trump for publicly calling for the death penalty for the alleged attacker.

Gergely Gulyás agreed with Zsolt Bayer, declaring that “Western Europe has not done anything against this danger… Wherever radical Islam raises its head and is allowed to take root, these kinds of acts can occur at any moment.”

Mr Bayer concluded regarding Islamic terrorism that “wherever there’s a mosque, there’s a problem.”

“That’s right,” Gulyás agreed. “There will be no mosques in Hungary… There is such an initiative. We can’t change our position on this because it is not just about freedom of cult but also about national security.

The Hungarian state recognizes the status of Church for fourteen religious groups, of which Muslim groups are not members. Islamic communities, however, are organized into two groups recognized by the state. There are currently 22 “mosques” in Hungary, but most of them are just praying rooms. According to the Hungarian online newspaper, approximately 40.000 Muslims live in Hungary, of which 5 to 10.000 are practicing their faith.