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Viktor Orbán: the state must protect the family and children

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Hungary – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán welcomed the participants of the 4th Demographic Summit on Thursday, which took place in Budapest on 23–24 September. In his opening speech, Orbán spoke about the place of the family and children in society.

Shaping demographic processes, not being subjected to them

The difficulty with demographic issues is not just the complexity of the data. It is at least as difficult to translate ideas into action. Turning ideas into government action is the biggest challenge […], not everyone is of the opinion that it is necessary to think about these processes.

We’re here, though, because instead of just being subjected to demographic trends, we want to shape them. […] Not all the regions of Europe are trying to solve the demographic crisis. Some see the problem, but want to address it through immigration. Mass immigration – the millions of people being brought in – is really a global plan to bring in a new working class.

In Central Europe, we are vaccinated against Marxism

[…] I follow with concern the efforts of the neo-Marxist ‘woke’ movement, but we in Central Europe are vaccinated against Marxism. […] The state needs to help families and remove the barriers they face to thrive […]

In this spirit, having children should be financially beneficial and family policy should be based on mothers. The country must be family-friendly, the institution of the family and children must be protected by law, and families must have access to property. 

Hungary defending itself against LGBTQ lobby and gender theory

[…] Families must be supported in a way that ensures sustainable economic growth and the soundness of the entire economic system. […] Hungary is defending itself against the attacks of the Western Left, whose tools are the LGBTQ lobby and gender theory propaganda. […]

The Hungarian constitution protects the institution of family and marriage in many respects and in accordance with the  will of the Hungarian people. […] We love our neighbour, but we also need to love ourselves. And we truly love ourselves when we support our families.