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Janez Janša: “Antifa is a global terrorist organization”

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Slovenia/France – Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša, who holds the presidency of the Council of the EU until 31 December, is increasingly known for his outspokenness and for calling a spade a spade. This political leader who has a friendly relationship with Hungary’s Viktor Orbán and who, as recently as a fortnight ago, stirred anger in Brussels by calling some MEPs “Soros’ puppets”, has now taken a strong stand following the scuffles that took place in the French city of Nantes on the occasion of a “campaign rally” for soon-to-be presidential candidate Éric Zemmour.

Calls to kill Éric Zemmour

The right-wing journalist and essayist, who nobody doubts will soon announce his candidacy in next year’s French presidential election, organised a public meeting on Saturday, 30 October in Nantes to present his new book La France n’a pas dit son dernier mot (France Has Not Had Its Last Word), which has been serving as the justification for an electoral pre-campaign. This was an outrageous event in the eyes of the Antifa movement, whose supporters gathered outside the Zenith in Nantes to chant slogans like

Death to Zemmour!” “Death to the cops!” “Death to the fascists!”,

as Le Point journalist Géraldine Woessner wrote on Twitter.

Far-left riots in Nantes 

The demonstration, which a group going by the name “Nantes révoltée” (Nantes in revolt) had organised using posters that looked like a call to murder Zemmour, quickly degenerated into violence, with some of the approximately 300-400 extreme left-wing thugs throwing shopping carts against police vehicles.

Unsurprisingly, such images can be quite shocking for people living in free democratic societies, and among those who were shocked by the images of lawlessness and brutal intolerance for other people’s views was the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša, who reacted the next day on Twitter:

Antifa is a global terrorist organisation supported with money from financial speculators who profit from the chaos caused by its actions.

On the day of the events, Éric Zemmour himself reacted to the violence directed at him, saying: “We know who Joseph Stalin was, we know about the hundreds of thousands of deaths he caused, and these people are merely his distant descendants.