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Health passport checks: the great divide between Ziobro and Morawiecki

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Poland – According to information reported this Thursday, December 16 by the conservative magazine Do Rzeczy, another serious conflict has arisen within the Polish government. The Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro (Solidarna Polska) apparently disagrees with a proposed law on verification of health passports by employers, by which the latter would have access to the vaccination status of their employees. On this point, Ziobro is in accord with the national-conservative opponents of Konfederacja.

Morawiecki supports this controversial project within his majority

For his part,  Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (PiS), defends this bill: “I am in favor [of this parliamentary initiative]” as he counts on the votes from  members of the liberal and leftist opposition to approve this controversial project past the Diet, many deputies of the United Right, such as Anna Maria Siarkowska (LPR), also openly oppose it, while the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski declared a few weeks ago on Polsat News:

“We have […] a solution in the form of a bill that gives employers the ability to verify whether an employee is vaccinated or not. This is a very good solution “

Solidarna Polska threatens not to vote on the budget

However, this manner of proceeding may have therefore led to a dispute between the Prime Minister and his Minister of Justice. Consequently, the management of Solidarna Polska has indicated that should the Diet approve said bill, deputies of Mr. Ziobro’s formation would refuse to vote the 2022 budget… which would likely lead to its rejection and could cause early legislative elections.  The United Right government coalition crisis therefore continues to worsen.