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Gazprom reportedly turns off tap to Poland

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Poland/Russia – According to information published in the Polish press, Gazprom has ceased gas deliveries to Western Europe through the Yamal pipeline via Poland since 20 December 2021. Since then, Poland has stopped receiving gas from Russia and has had to buy gas from Germany.

No risk of gas shortage in Poland for time being

As explained by the website 300Gospodarka, Gazprom has stopped reserving transport capacity through the Yamal pipeline since 20 December. The gas that Germany has sold to Poland over the last few days passes through the same pipeline in the opposite direction. Gas Storage Poland has said there is no risk of gas shortages in the near future in Poland, as stocks are filled at 86% of total capacity (according to data as of 29 December). Such a level of reserves is significantly higher than in most Western European countries, thanks to Poland having diversified its sources of supply, notably via the Świnoujście LNG terminal.

Russia and Gazprom reject accusations of price manipulation

Russia and Gazprom have been accused of fuelling last year’s gas price hikes, with current prices remaining at an exceptionally high level, in order to force the commissioning of Nord Stream 2. But they argue that it is the supply of gas from Germany to Poland that is having this effect.

Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kuprianov said on 26 December:

There is a reversal of gas flow from Germany to Poland and apparently also to Ukraine, on the order of 3 to 5 million cubic meters daily. This gas comes from underground tanks in Germany, which have already been used up to 47%. And the winter is just beginning… It is not a very rational decision.

Kuprianov also rejected accusations of market manipulation: “The accusations against Russia and Gazprom that we supply little gas to the European market are absolutely unfounded.