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Czech police will stay longer in Macedonia in order to handle the migrant crisis

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Czech Republic, Prague – According to the Prague Post, Czech Republic will send police technical equipment such as radar and night vision gear to Macedonia to help secure the Macedonian-Greek border, Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said during his visit to the detention camp at Vinojug.

He said the government approved Kč 20 million (app. $ 800,000) vehicle purchases.

The mission of the Czech Police in Macedonia has also been extended to the end of April. It had been scheduled until the middle of March. Some 27 Czech police officers and two dogs are at the Macedonia border, as other police officers of the V4. They will be replaced with 30 new officers March 19.

Chovanec said Macedonia – which is not member of the EU – will become a buffer zone if the EU’s agreement with Turkey does not start to become effective and the number of refugees entering Greece is not reduced. These declarations are made less than two weeks after the V4 summit in Prague, where the leaders of the V4 countries invited the PM of Macedonia and Bulgaria, efficiently starting to implement their own plan to handle the migrant crisis.

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