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V4 wants to help Ukraine

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Ukraine, Vinnytsia – Ukraine has experienced major political, social and economic upheavals in the past couple of years. But Ukraine has a long road to go, and she can count on the support of Hungary and the countries of the Visegrád Group – said István Mikola, Hungarian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, on a visit to Vinnytsia.

The tour organized by the V4 in Ukraine, whose central theme was the transmission of knowledge concerning small and medium enterprises, came to its last stop on APril 12, in Vinnytsia, central Ukraine. Hungarian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, responsible for International Cooperation, István Mikola, said that SMEs played an important role in Hungary and in the countries of the region. “For the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to be developing their economies, alone or together, their governments need to pay special attention and support to these companies,” he insisted.

The Secretary of State reminded that Ukraine has experienced significant political, social and economic changes during the past two years. But the road to go is still long for her, and she can count on the support of Hungary and the countries of the Visegrád Group, he added. A white stones on this path is the end of compulsory visas for Ukrainian citizens wishing to stay in the European Union, thanks to the pressure of the Visegrád Group, noted the Hungarian Secretary of State. In March, Viktor Orbán had also remembered that there was no question of abolishing visas for Turks as this was not done for the Ukrainians, who were to be given priority.

During this last step in Vinnytsia, along with vice-ministers and secretaries of the V4 states, the Visegrád group experts have once again exposed their expertise and explain their economic experience to participate in strengthening the Ukrainian economy.