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Orbán refuses gay marriage

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Hungary – The portuguese newspaper Expresso published an interview of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in which he defends traditional marriage, between a man and a woman.

“An apple cannot asked to be called a pear. (…) If a person lives together with another without wanting to have children, they do not foster the thousand-year-old Hungarian tradition of marriage between man and woman. If a man and a woman live together, marry and have children, this we call a family. This is not a question of human rights but of calling things by their name”, Orbán said.

Orbán also said that Christianity is a tradition that one must respect because “without it, we would not have survived the past thousand years”. He is clearly convinced that family is the foundation of the nation and this is why it must be protected.  “We make it clear that only a man and a woman can marry and have a family”,  “Under the Civic Code (…), homosexuals can do whatever they want but they cannot enter into marriage recognised by the state”.

According to Prime Minister, in Hungary, nobody wants to change the legislation, that means that the Constitution is working well.

During this interview, Viktor Orbán also said that Hungary will not be forced into receiving migrants and confirmed the link between migration and terrorism.