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Migrants harassing female handball team in Hungary

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Hungary, Körmend – Hungary opened a new migrant camp at the Austrian border, to handle the few hundreds illegals still on her territory. After three days, some migrants harassed a feminine handball team during a training and eventually broke a window after being asked to leave.

Hungary decided to close every migrant camp few weeks ago, and open two new ones on the Austrian borders, to handle the few illegals still in Hungary and the news one caught at the border, after crossing illegally the fence. After this decision, Austria decided to close her border with Hungary, since the migrants could leave the camp and reach Austria with only a few kilometers long march – the camp is open, as the European legislation imposes it.

On Monday, May 2, the new migrant opened camp wanted by the government opened at the Austrian border, in the small city of Körmend, 12,000 inhabitants. On Wednesday the 4th of May, a bunch of illegals entered into a sport complex to watch girls playing handball. Misbehaving, they had been asked to leave by the coach, and one of them broke a window.

Parents and local population are angry and concerned by the situation. The main opposition party, the radical right wing Jobbik party pledged for the closing of all the camps. They organized a demonstration “against illegal immigration” on May the 6th. The Prime Minister Viktor Orbán asked the Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér to take all the necessary measures to solve this issue.