Is Hungary becoming an Eldorado for Westerners?

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Hungary – Europe is changing and the arrival of migrants causes the departure of natives towards a part of Europe that is more in line with the traditional image of the old continent. Could Central Europe become soon an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life? By Marie Fouque.

For some time now, western and northern Europeans have chosen to migrate to Hungary. Far from the image of underdeveloped country that some would like to give her, she distinguishes herself in particular by her politics in favour of the people and the ambient climate of safety, which seduces western populations abandoned by their government.

The Belgians and the Germans have understood the thing : after having spent their summers in crowded campsites near the Balaton lake, many are those who made of their favourite tourist destination their home, where it is possible to buy a village house for 300 euros the square meter, where one can enjoy a peaceful existence keeping their feet warm in the combo socks-sandals, and where the least brave can create real communities where they do not suffer from the solitude if the language frightens them. Between 2011 and 2015, the number of Belgians registered in the Belgian embassy in Hungary increased from 463 to almost 900.

And if the real estate and everyday life prices are tempting for western Europeans, the ambient climate can be even more attractive. Hungary loves its European tradition and contrary to what one can see in some other European countries, she is proud of her identity and her culture. The inhabitants thrive there without being afraid of a terrorist attack, a norm that became a dream.

In the coming years, Central Europe will have to manage intelligently these migrations, the Westerners being often convinced that their cosmopolitan right-thinking has to propagate, with all the fatal effects which chase it, at the risk of destroying the soul of any thing for the price of a lifestyle where immediate pleasure is king and the future insignificant.


  1. Would an American who is saddened by what is going on in the West be welcome in Hungary if he wanted to do what he could to help Hungary uphold Western civilization? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. I’m an American and have owned a house in Lovàzpatona, between Papa and Gyor, for 15 years or so. I love Hungary, but Magyar is hard to learn! People are friendly and helpful, although you have to watch out for the gypsies, they will steal you blind. I have lived in Austria for 26 years, and used to spend most of the summer in Hungary, but my house is old and in need of remodeling, needs new roof, totally redone on the inside and I just don’t have the time or money to do it, at 64 years. Lake Balaton is about 45 minutes away, on the other side of the rolling hills. My place is for sale if your interested, cheap. I have 2036 Square meter ground, with apple, pear, and plum trees and three walnut trees. Place for a big garden and a couple of outside storerooms attached to the house that also needs torn down or remodeled. The village has about 2000 people, from what I have understood, and my place is located on a dead end dirt road, in about the poorest part, and at the edge of the village. If three cars pass a day, that’s heavy traffic. There are nice neighbors, one family with five kids, whom I always bring treats for, live right down the street, always jabbering away at me and I don’t understand one word, lol, but they are sweet. I have ten grandkids myself and another on the way, all in Austria. I am going down next week, to mow the place, last time I was back was in 2014. Health problems keeps me from going much. I would like to move there permanently, but my wife is a typical Austrian, and refuses to move there. It is very quiet, lots of farm machinery in the Spring and Fall, passing by, because the fields start just down the street. The village has only one or two stores, very small, a post office, a couple of other shops, and a gypsy bar. Let me know if you might be interested. When I say cheap, I am talking less than $25,000, negotiable, and buyer pays all closing costs.

  2. Great news. The whites are retreating into nations with similar minds. They understand the implication and devastation of global diversity. Finally, the wheels have been set in motion. KEEP THE LIBERALS out of Eastern Europe and let them fend for themselves in the diversity they wished upon themselves.

  3. I think that the EU is out of order to fine Hungary for not taking islamic immigrants.It is the decision of the people not the EU.Stay european because there was a tv programme on BBC showing how many white people are leaving Newham in London because of mass migration and the local school has only 3 white pupils .This has happened in the last 15 years.
    The UK is spending money on benefits for refugees and we indiginous people are not getting health care because the money is taken from us.

    1. In fact, I am not afraid, that these Westerners will take the homeland away from us. We have rules: in Hungary be Hungarian, or at least try. That is the reason we closed our southern borders first: muslim immigrants seemed impossible to integrate. Whatever you do, they continue being muslim, they want to make a muslim place wherever they go.

      But not-liberal Westerners are different. They do not come here to make another Germany, Belgium or France here, but to live in Hungary. They want Hungary as it is, they do not want to change it, and thus, our interests are common.

  4. God bless and protect Hungary and the Visegrad countries. You love and protect your people.
    Hope you will resist the massive manipulation coming your way…the emotional blackmail of the hunger strike, intenses pressures
    from the EU, the UNHCR, the biased mass media, the surprisingly political and manipulative pope soon to preach his political opinions in Poland…

    As a catholic I can recognize what this pope is doing. I love Christ despite of him. I wish he some day understands and applies Christ Teaching:

    “Then give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” (Luke 20:25)

    In Quebec and in Canada, the painful brainwashing is going on with manipulative medias, provincial and federal leaders who have renounced
    (sold out ?) our values. They praise integrism and go to pray in mosques.
    Refugees quietly, for the moment, flowing in…Problems refuted (students going to fight in Syria…)

    So,thank you for being what you are. You are a comfort for so many, even from afar. You love and serve your people. You speak to my heart.
    You are the true Christians. God bless you.

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