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Iraqi migrants are fleeing from Germany to Hungary

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Hungary – The Czech press reports that a 20 persons family of Iraqi Christians, fled from Germany … to Hungary. The story may sound incredible if we think about the difference of migration policy between Hungary of Viktor Orbán and Germany of Angela Merkel. However, according to the daily MF Dnes, the purpose of this family is not to stay in Hungary but to try again in Germany under a new identity.

The migratory route of this Iraqi Christian family is quite special. It first received the charity program of Generace 21 who wanted to deliver 153 Christians from Syria and Iraq to the Czech Republic, whose life was threatened in their countries. Very quickly, this wealthy family complained about the material conditions offered by the host country. Their attitude had been strongly criticized in the Czech Republic where they were estimated to have offered privileges that refugees in Germany, who slept in crowded gyms, don’t have.

This group of 25 Iraqis had fled to Germany, which had pushed the Czech government to end the Generace 21 relocation program. Given the fact that they had been granted asylum in the Czech Republic and had preferred to decline the offer, the Court of Dresden in Germany refused to grant them asylum. This is why the family tent, from Hungary, to make a new trip to Germany. However, it seems unlikely that the family manages to fool the Hungarian authorities and register under a new identity. Fingerprints have indeed been raised several times and their case was highly publicized.

Article written by Alimuddin Usmani and originally published on
Translated from French by the Visegrád Post.