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Many bomb alerts in Poland

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Poland – In Warsaw, there have been 39 bomb alerts on Monday, May 30. It seems to have been a hoax. Last week several other bomb alerts swept the country, and over the past two weeks 4 people have been arrested for having planted bombs. On the 1st of June, a new law will enter into force giving to the government much more power to handle terrorist crisis.

On Monday the 30th of May, 39 bomb alerts occurred in the capital city of Poland. Some 700 people were evacuated from the Energy Regulatory Office as a result of the bomb scare, wrote Ministries and state institutions such as the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, nationwide state offices, media outlets, hotels and shopping centers were targeted by what transpired to be a hoax.

Last week, bomb scares were issued across the country, prompting the evacuation of the Silesia City Center and the local branch of public broadcaster of TVP in the southern city of Katowice. Over the past two weeks Polish law enforcement have detained four people who had planted bombs on a bus in Wroclaw and in cars parked near a police station in Warsaw.

“The information about planned terror attacks exposes the shortsightedness of those who criticize the anti-terror law claiming that there is no terrorism in Poland, that we can wait and do it in some other way. Only it is not clear yet, what this other way might be,” told the former deputy chief of the Polish National Security Bureau Roman Polko, to the Niezalezna newspaper. recalls that earlier in May, the Polish government adopted the new anti-terror law, criticized by Polish opposition for its control over the digital communication of foreign nationals, access to confidential databases, mandatory sharing of personal data with mobile network operators, and its provision for borders to be shut down in the event of a terrorist threat, among other measures. The law, currently submitted to the Polish parliament for approval, is expected to take effect before June 1.

The terrorist threat are taken seriously as Poland will host in July both the NATO summit in Warsaw and the World Youth Day in Krakow.