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VIDEO – Migrants got angry over administrative procedures and quality of food in Hungary

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Hungary, Kiskunhalas – In the migrant camp of Kiskunhalas, where there are 484 migrants, police had to intervene to handle the beginning of a riot. Fortunately, the situation got into control quickly and no one is hurt.

Migrants wanted to leave the camp of Kiskunhalas, where they are detained to regularize their situation, according to the European legislation. Tired of waiting for their administrative regularization, 300 of them tried to escape the camp and the police had to intervene. Migrants asked for “freedom”, but also better food. Several migrants threw their plates in the lunchroom and refused to eat, although no hunger-strike is to be registered.

The situation is now back to normal, after police negotiated with the self-proclaimed spokesperson of the migrants. In January, several men had been arrested in this camp as migrants stoned police officer. Police tried to stop migrants to fight because of a dispute over the use of a computer at their disposal.

Since the beginning of the year, 14.000 illegals already entered the country and have been arrested. Hungary is closing all her camps except two near the Austrian border. But for now, due to the influx of 100-150 people per day, most of the camps are still working.