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Orbán against the Brexit

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Hungary – The Hungarian government does not support Brexit. And it is through an advertisement in the British press that it let it be known.

British referendum on the Brexit – UK leaving the European Union – will be held Thursday, June 23. On Sunday 19, the spokesman for the government of Viktor Orbán, Zoltán Kovács, stated that “the Hungarian government is often accused of being anti-European, but with this “pro-European” position, it shows that it believes resolutely and firmly in the important achievements of the Union, even if it often imagines otherwise the future of the continent. “

On Monday, June 20, the United Kingdom’s readers of many newspapers could see this message of the Hungarian government:


A little help from Orbán to Cameron, with whom he is on good terms? Perhaps, but it is also about Hungarian interests. The UK is a significant contributor to the EU budget, but above all, the United Kingdom welcomes about 80,000 Hungarian workers on its soil and is one of the main allies of Hungary at the European Council to deal with the “Brussels’ technocrats”.