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Migrants “are coming to invade Europe”, according to a Hungarian Archibishop

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Hungary – Archbishop warns of dangers of immigration: Christians can become a minority in Europe if we don’t find our faith again and don’t understand the dangers of migration, says Archbishop.

It can’t be a coincidence that the migration influx is so big in Europe, the Muslim intention to conquer can be a part of it, but it’s also supported by the big powers, Archbishop of Veszprém, Gyula Márfi told Magyar Hírlap.

In an interview made by the great Hungarian newspaper Magyar Hírlap, the Hungarian Archbishop stressed that Europe is on a wrong path now, but a Christian renewal is possible according to him, who recalled his recent visit to Poland, where he saw that faith is indeed alive. The weakness of the multicultural society is that we might accept the immigrants, but they don’t accept us as we are and they want to change us, he pointed out.

Márfi emphasised that he doesn’t hate Muslims, and doesn’t blame them for their intentions, but he rather blames Europe for letting it happen.

If things are continuing as they are now, Islam will take over Europe. “Nature abhors vacuums, and this is precisely what there is now in Europe from a spiritual point of view”. ”To understand what to expect, we should ask the Christian minorities of Muslim countries, not the politicians or tourists who are always welcome there”, he added.