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After the wave of attacks, Poland requests explanations from Germany

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By Olivier Bault.
Poland – In Reutlingen, it’s a Polish girl who was killed with a kebab knife by a Syrian “refugee”, which nearly cut off her head. Attacks by “refugees” and Muslim immigrants succeed in Germany as in France, some claiming to be by the Islamic state. Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski therefore requests explanations from Berlin: “We were assured that the arrival of such a wave of refugees, the opening of Europe [to these people], would not cause any problem. It turns out that there are problems. (…) The ensurances of European political leaders, German politicians and German services on the fact that Europe is safe are baseless,” complained the Polish minister. “The German authorities and the German political leaders are responsible for security in Germany and we expect them to explain to us how these attacks have occurred”.

Translated by the Visegrád Post.
Originally published on Nouvelles de France.