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Possible terrorists attacks in the Balkans, according to the Macedonian President

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Macedonia, Skopje – Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov does not rule out the possibility of terrorist attacks in the Balkan countries.

According to the Macedonian news agency MIA, these fears can be explained by the fact that citizens of the Balkanic countries involved in the Syrian conflict alongside with the terrorists of Daesh start to return to their country and represent a real threat.

Ivanov said that about 1,000 people from the Balkan participated in the war in the ranks of Daesh and 60% of them have already returned home. Many are from Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo or Macedonia, where Muslim communities are important and got infiltrated in recent years by the Salafist networks.

“Taking a look at these facts, we can say that our region is a possible target for terrorist attacks,” said the Macedonian President.

The MIA agency notes that terrorists lose their positions in Syria and other countries involved in the fights and they are trying to break into EU countries, where “terrorist attacks occur almost daily”. More and more terrorists enter Europe as migrants or “refugees”.

“It was announced that 86 Macedonians had already returned. Some were arrested, others are being monitored,” added Ivanov to emphasize that at present the Macedonian secret services controlled the situation.

Main source: Sputnik News