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Central European leaders invited to the Rhodes forum

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Central Europe – Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian leaders might attend the next Rhodes forum in Greece, held by the “Dialogue of Civilization” Research Institute on September 30 – October 1. The Rhodes Forum, entitled this year “The Chaos of Multiplicity: an Urgent Call for Dialogue”, has been held annually since 2002 under the leadership of Vladimir Yakunin, former head of Russian railways and long-time ally of President Vladimir Putin.

Czech officials have confirmed the participation of Czech President Miloš Zeman at the next forum of Rhodes Island in Greece, reported Reuters. “The president decided a few days ago, an additional impulse came with the information that Slovak and Hungarian prime ministers are going,” spokesman Jiri Ovcacek said.

Reuters also reports that Zeman will speak on the need to join forces in the struggle against terrorism, his spokesman said, and also talk to Orbán and Fico about “growing pressure from Brussels” on central European states that resist taking in Middle Eastern migrants. Zeman already took part at the forum in 2014.

The forum is seen by some as a Russian tool for lobbying. One of the main topic will be the economical sanctions. Slovakia’s Premier Robert Fico and Hungary’s Premier Viktor Orbán both criticized the sanctions of the EU against Russia, which were harmful for their economies. Orbán said earlier this year the EU must have a “serious debate” about sanctions.