Hungary doesn’t want migrants that Sweden accepted to welcome

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Hungary – Last year Hungary registered migrants who have been sent to Sweden. Now that Sweden can’t deal with the migrants that are too numerous, she would like to send them back to their first country of arrival, Hungary.

Hungary don’t want to apply the EU’s Dublin Regulation, under which asylum seekers may be sent back to their first country of arrival in the EU to have their application processed there. In Sweden 152,000 migrants are asking for asylum. Last year Sweden accepted 163,000 migrants.

“All countries have to follow the joint rules, otherwise they can’t be members. I will summon the Hungarian ambassador next week and convey this,” Swedish Migration Minister Morgan Johansson said.


  1. Hungary does want to apply the EU’s Dublin regulation.. It says that refugees may sent back to the first country of arrival. But how please is Hungary their first country of arrival in the EU unless they are parachuting themselves directly to Macedonia? Look at the map! The country of registration is not the same issue. Why do we have to face the consequences of other country’s faults who are not registrating those people. We did. We are the good boys here, okay? Leave us alone..

  2. I’m Swedish man and you’re all right! This country has become and is a Muslim shithole now. Sweden is destroyed forever and ever. This country is run by islamists, feminists, socialists, misandrists and ethnic Swedes have no place in this country according to the aforementioned groups. I can only dream I could find somewhere else to live. But that is – and will continue to be – a dream. EVERYWHERE I go I run into these f****** muslims. Everywhere! I feel sick!

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