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Orbán announces strongest fence at the border

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hungary – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on the radio on Friday the 26 that Hungary was planning to strengthen the current fence at the Serbian and Croatian borders. He said that there may be soon a “greater need for security”. The new fence will be “a serious structure”. “The future of Europe and Hungary is at stake. The question is if we live together with hordes of Muslims, then what kind of public security will we have, and whether our daughters and wives will be safe. Why would we risk it?”

Hungary built a razor-wire fence at her Serbian and Croatian borders last year, enabling to enter through official checkpoints and claim asylum, since the EU was too slow to react to the migration influx. Migrants try to cross the Hungarian border everyday with an average of 10 per day this month, August 2016.

For now the fence is heavily policed equipped with thermal imaging cameras, but it requires additional reinforcement. “I’m not a heartless person, but the border cannot be protected with flowers and plush toys,” Orbán said. Today not even birds can enter Hungary’s territory without screening, he added.

The future fortified barrier would be able to stop several hundreds of thousands of people at the same time, if needed, Orbán said. “The technicals plans are under way” and the construction will start as soon as the Minister of Interior will submit them. It would be able to stop a surge of the immigration for example if Turkey allows the millions of migrants to leave for Western Europe.

The Prime Minister also said on the radio that terrorism has appeared and spread in Europe because hundreds of thousand of people have arrived unchecked from places that regard the Western world as the enemy. “There is a state of semi-war, and in such circumstances we cannot take a risk,” he said. Also an extra 3,000 police will be recruited to complement the existing 3,500 contingent patrolling the border.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed that whoever claims there is no connection between migration and terrorism “doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or for some reason is trying to deny facts that are plainer than day.”