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In Poland, the PiS party is in disagreement about media reforms

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Poland – On October 25, the euroskeptic party Law and Justice (PiS) won an absolute majority in parliamentary elections. The party wants to increase his power over the state apparatus, through many reforms. But PiS politicians PiS were delayed on the reforms because of some disagreements, especially regarding the reform of the media, media that were broadly pro-European.

On December 15, 2015, a first media law allowed the PiS to appoint a new chairman of public television, Jacek Kurski, close to the PiS. Indeed it is not the National Council for Radio and Television (KRRiT) that appoints the members of these bodies, but the National Media Council (NMR). Also was named a new president of the Public Radio. Since these changes the media have a more conservative tone and more favorable to the government, which in January had caused concern in the European Commission.

But in August the president of public television Jacek Kurski, has been revoked with effect from 15 October. A competition was organized to elect the new president, Jacek Kurski which may arise. Or it is the PiS, which took this decision because the director did not seem to be sure on the conduct to adopt for television, between a heavily subsidized television but of public concern or financed through advertising and seeks to gain ratings.

Despite this, it appears that PiS has not fallen in the polls.