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Bosnia’s candidature to integrate the EU has been accepted

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Bosnia – On September 20, the European Union has accepted the membership application of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Premier Denis Zvizdić hopes that his country will soon incorporate the block.

The request was made several months ago already, in February. To support this application, the country had to boost its economy and create jobs, and the EU praised the performance of Bosnia that has made remarkable progress.

But the country would join the EU in a few months or years. Brussels will inform the government of the requirements by then.

“Today we are truly at a historic moment for the European orientation and the European future of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Bosnian Prime Minister,Denis Zvizdić. “This is truly one of the most favorable news for BiH, and especially for young people,” he added.

On September 25, there will be a referendum in Republika Srpska, on the constitutionality of the National Day (January 9). This date corresponds to an Orthodox holiday but also to the proclamation of the Republic of the Serbian people, 9 January 1992, three months before the Bosnian war. The Constitutional Court ruled that this date “has no collective memory of symbolism.” Thus the referendum challenges the Constitutional Court and oppose the Serb entity and the Muslim-Croat Federation. Maintaining the referendum therefore does not prevent the EU to accept the application.